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Tag: digital impressions

Chairside Live Episode 147: Technology Times Two: A Double-Scoop Case of the Week


Dr. D returns to the Chairside Live news desk with two cases in tow, featuring digital technology and a case that his technician demanded he feature. In the news, Megan discusses some dumb criminals and the safety of teeth whitening. Watch Episode 147 of Chairside Live now!

Chairside Live Episode 146: Digital Technology and Traditional Methods Join Forces for the Win


In this episode’s Case of the Week, guest co-host Josh Austin takes us through a case where the doctor’s use of a digital scan and a PVS impression was a winning combination. Then, Megan dishes out some conversation-starting news.

Chairside Live Episode 133: Digital Technology Could Have Saved the Day


Dr. D spotlights the problems of a BruxZir® bridge case and presents his ideas of how digital technology could have prevented them. In the news, Danica Patrick reminds everyone why practicing good oral hygiene is always a good idea.

Chairside Live Episode 125: Digital Dentistry Made Easy: Introducing CloudPoint™


In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. D shines the spotlight on CloudPoint™, a new product that is a complete one-stop solution, unlocking a digital portal through which cases can be scanned, designed, managed and produced. After that exciting introduction, Megan reports on the latest dental news.

Chairside Live Episode 26: Digital Impressions


In this episode, discover which famous person’s tooth is going on tour, hear about a 93-year-old retired dentist with a surprising hobby, then watch as Dr. D discusses digital impressions in the Case of the Week.

A Perfect Fit: Custom Abutments Produced from Digital Impressions

Volume 5, Issue 2

Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are arguably the most important aspects of implant therapy today. Surgical intervention has proven to be less complicated than ever before, as the construction and design of implants, along with the surgical armamentarium needed to place them, have improved dramatically. Implant dentistry is best practiced with a prosthetically driven approach. […]

Tooth in a Bag: Same-Day Monolithic Zirconia Crown

Volume 9, Issue 2

Introduction The goal of every efficient practice is to provide the most durable restorations possible, while exceeding the minimum esthetic needs of the patient. Newer materials and techniques make this easier than ever before.1,2 Full-contour (monolithic) zirconia crowns have become popular in the last few years because of their impressive flexural strength (1,000+ MPa), tooth […]

Utilizing a Digital Workflow for Provisionalization with BioTemps®

Volume 8, Issue 3

Today’s digital impression technology allows dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth quickly and accurately using their choice of optical scanning device. As an ardent supporter of digital impressions, I make every attempt to digitize our restorative workflow. There are numerous benefits to a digital impression: […]

Two-Day Custom Abutments and Crowns from Intraoral Scans

Volume 4, Issue 2

Clinicians are leveraging their investments in chairside digital impression systems to reduce the time and cost of implant therapy. Dental technicians produce custom abutments and crowns directly from digital impressions taken with these systems, eliminating the need for physical models. Doctors and patients alike can benefit from this simple, convenient and affordable restorative process. From […]

Trends in Implant Dentistry: Model-Less Restorations

Volume 4, Issue 2

Growing ranks of clinicians are using chairside digital impression systems to save money and time on their restorations. They benefit from working with a fully integrated digital dental lab that can produce restorations entirely from a digital impression — without a physical model. Ease of use and accuracy make digital impressions a superior option for […]

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