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A Digital Spin on Traditional Dentures

Volume 11, Issue 1

The advancements in crown and bridge fabrication resulting from digital technology are well known. Dental laboratories across the country have proven that fixed restorations made through digital workflows are more consistent and more accurate, and enable the use of stronger materials. Until recently, however, these technologies had not been applied to removable prosthetics, and it […]

Traveling Behind the Scenes with an Intraoral Scan

Volume 5, Issue 3

The CAD/CAM revolution is rapidly moving restorative dentistry into the digital age. More clinicians are adopting intraoral scanning as their preferred method of impression-taking in order to benefit from the many advantages provided by an all-digital workflow. In addition to the increased accuracy and reliability achieved by removing physical impression materials from the process, intraoral […]

Immediate Delivery of CAD/CAM-Milled BioTemps® Full-Arch Implant Restoration

Volume 5, Issue 3

Advancements in implant design, digital dentistry, restorative protocols and prosthetic materials continue to improve both the efficacy and efficiency of treatment. The ability to digitally plan and visualize implant restorations prior to surgical intervention allows the clinician to virtually evaluate every aspect of a case before treatment begins, from extraction, to implantation, to the final […]

Simplifying Treatment with the Encode® Impression System: Two Workflows

Volume 5, Issue 2

Whether using an intraoral scanner or a conventional method to capture the final impression for an implant restoration, the Encode® Impression System (BIOMET 3i™; Warsaw, Ind.) offers several advantages to doctors looking to simplify clinical protocol or minimize the swapping of implant components. Rather than making an implant-level impression, the Encode® Healing Abutment (BIOMET 3i) […]

A Perfect Fit: Custom Abutments Produced from Digital Impressions

Volume 5, Issue 2

Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are arguably the most important aspects of implant therapy today. Surgical intervention has proven to be less complicated than ever before, as the construction and design of implants, along with the surgical armamentarium needed to place them, have improved dramatically. Implant dentistry is best practiced with a prosthetically driven approach. […]

All-on-4 in the Mandible – Digital Implant Dentistry from Start to Finish

Volume 1, Issue 3

Edentulous patients with loose and ill-fitting mandibular dentures are a common sight in the dental office. Often, the maxillary denture fits well, but the deficient fit of the lower denture limits these patients’ ability to chew certain foods. Even with periodic relines, persistent soreness makes it difficult for these patients to wear their lower denture […]

Digital Impression Systems and the Importance of Interoperability

Volume 5, Issue 1

Digital dentistry is streamlining virtually every aspect of the restorative workflow. Traditionally, doctors submit a physical impression to the lab with the prescription and instructions written out on paper. This is gradually ceding ground to an entirely digital process where the patient’s information and doctor’s instructions are sent to the lab electronically via a digital […]

One-on-One: Interview with BEGO USA

Volume 1, Issue 1

How did you originally get involved in digital dentistry? Lou Azzara: The BEGO organization started getting involved in 1999, when digital dentistry probably wasn’t even a phrase — or at least not a commonly used phrase. Christoph Weiss had the insight that the dental business would begin desiring a higher level of efficiency and increased […]

A Comprehensive Digital Approach to Implant Dentistry

Volume 1, Issue 1

Accounting for anatomical limitations and restorative goals while placing implants is a clinical necessity, as placement without such considerations can potentially compromise the success of function and esthetics in the case. Modern digital treatment planning (DTP) technology advances the diagnostic phase of implantology by enabling the clinician, in partnership with a trained design specialist, to […]

One-on-One: Interview with Custom Automated Prosthetics

Volume 1, Issue 1

How did your company originally get involved in digital dentistry? Rob Nazzal: I had some background in intraoral scanning with Brontes Technologies, which became the Lava™ C.O.S. (3M™ ESPE™; St. Paul, Minn.) when 3M acquired us. Bob had always been on the cutting edge of dental technology and had started to get into digital systems. […]

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