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Tag: dr darrin wiederhold

Photo Essay: Immediate and Post-Placement Utilization of the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System

Volume 3, Issue 3

The Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System provides clinicians the armamentarium to place and immediately temporize single-unit implants in edentulous spaces. The components further assist the restorative dentist by immediately beginning to guide the soft tissue development around the implant. However, there are also cases in which the implant has already been placed. The Inclusive Tooth Replacement […]

Bone Quality Based Drilling Protocol: Achieving High Primary Stability

Volume 3, Issue 3

One of the most fundamental procedures performed by implant surgeons is the creation of the osteotomy for implant placement. Without a well-developed osteotomy site, both the immediate surgical and future restorative success of the case can be compromised. There are various factors that must be considered when performing the osteotomy, such as location, angulation and […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Immediate Loading or Provisionalization of Dental Implants

Volume 3, Issue 2

Much like Hamlet’s ageless lament, “To be, or not to be,” implant surgeons around the world are plagued daily by the conundrum: “To immediately load, or not to load?” Is it far better to suffer a patient’s wrath over a missing maxillary anterior tooth than endanger the neophyte implant as it osseointegrates? That is the […]

Using the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System Prosthetic Guide

Volume 3, Issue 2

One of the most innovative and useful aspects of the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System is that it provides the implant surgeon and restorative dentist with an array of custom components, each designed to facilitate the placement and temporization of implants. Among these innovative components is the prosthetic guide, a custom stent designed to aid the […]

Implant Q&A: An Interview with Dr. Darrin Wiederhold

Volume 3, Issue 1

Dr. Bradley Bockhorst: Today we will spend some time talking with the newest member of the Glidewell clinical team, Dr. Darrin Wiederhold, about some of the projects and technologies we’ve been working on here at the laboratory. Darrin, can you tell the Inclusive™ audience a little bit about yourself? Dr. Darrin Wiederhold: Sure, I’d be […]

Implant Orientation for Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System Components

Volume 3, Issue 1

The Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System from Glidewell Laboratories features custom temporary components designed to guide soft tissue contours during the healing phase. Whether you utilize the custom temporary abutment or custom healing abutment, the following guidelines can help to ensure a smooth delivery at the time of surgery. Aligning the Abutment Connection The custom temporary […]

Clinical Benefits of the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System

Volume 3, Issue 1

We live in a society of 60-second fast-food drive-thrus, global news delivered instantly on our smartphones, and bundled cable packages. We demand ever-faster results and increasingly streamlined efficiency. Even dentists are powerless against the current of progress and the need to accomplish more in less time. A hallmark of the most successful modern clinicians is […]

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