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Utilizing Digital Dentistry and CAD/CAM Prosthetics to Optimize Treatment Outcomes – Part 3: Fabrication and Delivery of the Final Restoration

Volume 12, Issue 1

Chairside Live Episode 214: Enhance Implant Success with CAD/CAM Technology


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Perry Jones utilizes CAD/CAM technology to deliver a 6-unit screw-retained bridge.

Utilizing Digital Dentistry and CAD/CAM Prosthetics to Optimize Treatment Outcomes – Part 2: Implant Planning, Placement and Immediate Provisionalization

Volume 7, Issue 4

Utilizing Digital Dentistry and CAD/CAM Prosthetics to Optimize Treatment Outcomes – Part 1: Orthodontic Pre-Implant Therapy

Volume 7, Issue 3

Dental Restoration: Restoring Fully Edentulous Cases – October 2016

Clinical Newsline

When a patient enters your practice needing restoration work, you might run into some issues. Especially if it’s a full-arch dental restoration. With a full-arch restoration, you have a challenging task ahead of you. Although this task might seem difficult, the reward behind completing it and creating the right treatment plan for your patient is always […]

Dual-Arch Implant Reconstruction in Monolithic Zirconia

Volume 7, Issue 1

The most commonly prescribed fixed implant restoration in the fully edentulous arch has been the hybrid prosthesis — a screw-retained cast or milled bar with an acrylic base and denture teeth. My experience providing these restorations over the course of many years has demonstrated that the pairing of these two materials results in a construction […]

New Innovations in Chairside Milling of Solid Zirconia Crowns

Volume 11, Issue 1

Once considered a niche service, in-office milling is now a familiar concept for practitioners, as the ability to effectively restore patients’ teeth in just one simple office visit represents the quintessential standard of care for straightforward single-unit posterior cases. With the adoption rate of digital impression technology continuing to climb, the introduction of lower cost […]

Accurate Implant Placement: Digital Scanning and Use of Tooth-Guided, Tooth-Supported Surgical Guides

Volume 10, Issue 2

Advances in technology have given dentists a new level of confidence in the placing and restoring of implants. Highly accurate tooth-guided, tooth-supported surgical guides can be created in the “virtual” world and used to accurately place implants. The case presented in this article will document the use of digital scanning in the process of planning, […]

Implant-Specific Crown Design

Volume 4, Issue 4

The periodontal ligament (PDL) enables natural teeth to exhibit micro-movement, proper force distribution and effective shock absorption. However, because osseointegrated implants lack a PDL, the force distribution and movement demonstrated by implant-supported restorations are not equivalent to that of natural teeth. To address this, implant crowns should be designed to promote effective force dispersal, helping […]

Clinical Case Report: iTero® Digital Scanning Technology and Tooth-Supported Surgical Guides

Volume 4, Issue 2

Technologies such as digital intraoral scanning, CAD software and digital treatment planning are enhancing the precision of implant therapy while producing predictable restorative outcomes. Patient anatomy can be understood with remarkable detail through the digital collection of scanning data, and cases can be virtually planned using computer software. The following case exhibits the ability of […]

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