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Tag: dr saiki

Interviews – November 2016

Clinical Newsline

One of my favorite aspects of the dental profession is the benefit of sharing ideas between clinicians. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many talented and prominent figures in dentistry to discuss topics ranging from the early days of dentistry to the latest clinical techniques to practice management. The sharing of information has been […]

One-on-One Interview with Dean Saiki, DDS

Volume 11, Issue 2

Practice Management: Basic Tray Setup for Dental Implant Surgery

Volume 6, Issue 2

For GPs broadening their skill set to include the placement of dental implants, the learning experience tends to focus so much on diagnostics, treatment planning and surgical techniques that basic considerations like tray setup may not get the full attention they deserve. While there are numerous training programs, CE courses, study clubs and educational materials […]

My First Implant with Dean H. Saiki, DDS

Volume 5, Issue 1

David Casper: Dean, thanks for being here today. Dr. Dean Saiki: Thanks for having me. DC: I want to go back to the very beginning and discuss how you got started as a general dentist. You’ve been in practice for 25 years? DS: Starting my 26th year now. I can’t believe it. DC: So what […]

Reducing Treatment Time with Digital Dentistry

Volume 4, Issue 2

Case Description A 72-year-old female patient complained of a loose lower denture that was painful to wear and chew with. A routine examination revealed a pronounced lack of bone volume in the lower ridge in conjunction with a relatively high floor of the mouth, making relines ineffective in resolving the patient’s chief complaint. After a […]

Digital Impressions for an Immediate Denture

Volume 7, Issue 1

The following case illustrates how digital impressions are not only superior to conventional impressions, but in some instances necessary. A 60-year-old male presented with severe periodontal disease, tooth loss, hyper-eruption and a collapsed bite (Fig. 1). The patient had both posterior and anterior stops; however, due to the extreme mobility of so many of the […]

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