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Practice Management: Part 3 – Using High-Tech Marketing Tools and Effective Messaging in the Dental Practice

Volume 7, Issue 4

Interviews – November 2016

Clinical Newsline

One of my favorite aspects of the dental profession is the benefit of sharing ideas between clinicians. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many talented and prominent figures in dentistry to discuss topics ranging from the early days of dentistry to the latest clinical techniques to practice management. The sharing of information has been […]

Practice Management: Part 2 – How to Train Your Team to Successfully Market Implant Treatment

Volume 7, Issue 3

Practice Management: Part 1 – How to Effectively Communicate with Patients and Encourage Case Acceptance

Volume 7, Issue 2

Chairside Live Episode 177: Screw-Retained Anterior Crowns Using Obsidian® Pressed to Metal


In this episode of Chairside Live, we revisit an Obsidian® Pressed to Metal case and finish up Dr. Neil Park’s three-part interview with Dr. David Schwab, dental practice management consultant.

Chairside Live Episode 172: Communicating Treatment Plan Benefits to Patients


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch Part II of Dr. Neil Park’s interview with Dr. David Schwab, as they discuss training your staff to present and discuss treatment plans with patients.

Chairside Live Episode 167: The Key to Successfully Presenting an Implant Case to Your Patient


In this episode of Chairside Live, we have Part I of Dr. Neil Park’s three-part interview with Dr. David Schwab (davidschwab.com), author, speaker and dental practice consultant.

Creating a Culture of Accountability Within Your Practice

Volume 2, Issue 2

Most dentists tell me they love their profession, with one exception: They don’t like being a cop. The dreaded law enforcement aspect of dentistry comes into play every time the dentist needs to police the behavior of his or her dental team. When team members fail to follow practice policies and protocols, the dentist has […]

Demographics, Destiny and Dentistry

Volume 1, Issue 4

I recently presented at a seminar where topics included the economy (not doing great) and demographics (could not be better). I was asked whether, if I could choose only one, I would wish for a thriving economy or favorable demographics. I chose demographics. It’s not even a close contest. The economy moves in cycles so […]

Priced to Sell: Dental Fee Psychology

Volume 1, Issue 3

When presenting fees to patients, case acceptance often hinges on how many options are presented, and the manner in which those options are presented. Consider the following scenarios: 1. The patient is offered one fee — $5,000, for example. The patient has two choices: accept or decline the treatment. Even if this is a very reasonable […]

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