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Tag: dr. tarun agarwal

Utilizing a Digital Workflow for Provisionalization with BioTemps®

Volume 11, Issue 4

Chairside Live Episode 117: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal – Part III


On this episode, Dr. DiTolla concludes his interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal with a discussion about the evolution of implants and how they will continue to get easier to place and restore. Tune in for the third and final segment as these two clinicians show evidence of the implant industry’s new trend toward consumer friendliness. In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. DiTolla offers tips on how to avoid having your restorations not seat clinically in cases where they fit on the lab model.

Chairside Live Episode 115: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal – Part II


On this episode, Dr. DiTolla concludes his interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal with a discussion about how investing in high-tech equipment can help clinicians create new levels of efficiency throughout their practices. Tune in to hear about this North Carolinian dentist’s unique views on patient payment options. In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. DiTolla celebrates the fifth anniversary of the introduction of BruxZir® Solid Zirconia’s by giving some helpful tips about knowing which situations are suitable for BruxZir bridges.

Chairside Live Episode 106: Implants and Digital Technology: An Interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal


In this episode, Dr. Tarun Agarwal of Raleigh, North Carolina, stops by to speak with Dr. DiTolla about how he’s gone from fainting in dental school to placing implants. Tune in to hear Dr. Agarwal discuss how digital technology plays an important role in helping him assess which implant cases are right for his practice. Watch Episode 106 of Chairside Live now!

BruxZir® Screw-Retained to the Rescue

Volume 9, Issue 1

Case Presentation A female patient was referred to our office by her brother-in-law, a dentist who practiced in another state. He had diagnosed her with non-restorable root resorption on tooth #9. The tooth had been part of a traumatic injury suffered in childhood that was treated at the time with endodontic therapy. With the patient […]

Utilizing a Digital Workflow for Provisionalization with BioTemps®

Volume 8, Issue 3

Today’s digital impression technology allows dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth quickly and accurately using their choice of optical scanning device. As an ardent supporter of digital impressions, I make every attempt to digitize our restorative workflow. There are numerous benefits to a digital impression: […]

Maximizing Clinical Flexibility with the Open Platform Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System

Volume 4, Issue 1

The Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System is touted as the industry’s first all-in-one, restorative-driven treatment package, described in simplest terms as the complete set of components required to replace a missing tooth. But the true value of this full-service, patient-specific solution cannot be adequately measured with a mere list of parts and pieces, no matter how […]

Digital Imaging: An Important Visual Aid in Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance

Volume 7, Issue 3

Photographic imaging has been available in dentistry for many years. Typically, it has been used for full-smile makeover simulations. Full-smile simulations can be very difficult and time consuming, however, and can often create unrealistic expectations or outcomes. This challenge, added to the expense of investing in traditional dental imaging software, leads many clinicians to completely […]

Intraoral Scanning and Model-less Implant Restorations

Volume 3, Issue 2

Digital Implant Restorations Are you looking to simplify your implant restoration process? Imagine being able to offer custom implant restorations for a reduced lab fee within a quicker turnaround time. The answer is simple: Go digital. In this article, I’d like to show why digital implant restorations make sense, using an example of such a […]

How to Succeed in Dentistry with Digital Photography

Volume 1, Issue 1

Digital photography is taking the dental profession by storm! Digital cameras and accessories are being purchased by thousands of dental offices across the country. Photography gives the dental team a method to communicate visually with patients and get them involved in their diagnosis. Digital gives us the unique opportunity to communicate instantaneously with patients and […]

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