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Tag: dual arch

Dual-Arch Reconstruction: A Rewarding Experience for Dentist and Musician Alike

Volume 12, Issue 1

Dual-Arch Implant Reconstruction in Monolithic Zirconia

Volume 7, Issue 1

The most commonly prescribed fixed implant restoration in the fully edentulous arch has been the hybrid prosthesis — a screw-retained cast or milled bar with an acrylic base and denture teeth. My experience providing these restorations over the course of many years has demonstrated that the pairing of these two materials results in a construction […]

Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Triotray Pro™

Volume 6, Issue 3

The Triotray Pro™ is a rigid, high-walled, reusable dual-arch impression tray. It comes in two sizes and has single-use mesh inserts. When your laboratory sends the tray back to you, simply pull out the old impression material, autoclave the tray and place a new mesh insert. One of the nice benefits of the Triotray Pro […]

Optimizing Occlusal Results for Crown & Bridge Prostheses

Volume 6, Issue 2

When preparing a single-unit crown or multiple-unit bridge, dentists inevitably follow a similar routine. The prepared teeth are impressed in a good-quality impression material, such as a polyether, or the most widely used impression material, an addition silicone vinyl polysiloxane (VPS),1 which accounts for 95 percent of the impressions sent to the dental laboratory.2 The […]

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