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Tag: first implant

Chairside Live Episode 213: The Easy Way to Place Your First Implant


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi discusses the training that prepared him to place his first implant.

My First Implant with Randolph R. Resnik, DMD, MDS

Volume 7, Issue 4

My First Implant with Lawrence P. Schmakel, DDS

Volume 7, Issue 3

My First Implant with David G. Hochberg, DDS

Volume 7, Issue 2

My First Implant: The Patient’s Perspective

Volume 6, Issue 4

Inclusive™ magazine: As an experienced dentist that has seen so many patients who suffer from tooth loss, can you describe how it felt to undergo implant treatment? Dr. Richard Golden: Dental implants are wonderful. When performed by doctors who have the correct training, implant therapy can be easier than receiving a filling for patients. The […]

My First Implant with Paresh B. Patel, DDS

Volume 6, Issue 3

David Casper: Paresh, thanks for being here today. I wanted to take a few minutes to chat about your very first implant case. As a general dentist, there had to be either a patient or an experience that pushed you over the edge into placing implants, where you finally said, “I have to jump in.” […]

My First Implant with Mark W. Adams, DDS, M.S.

Volume 6, Issue 2

David Casper: Thanks for being here today, Mark. Over the years, I’m sure you’ve completed thousands of implant cases, including cases that required complicated treatment plans. I thought we’d spend some time talking about your very first dental implant case. There had to be that one case that made you say, “Hey, I’m going to […]

My First Implant with Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD

Volume 6, Issue 1

David Casper: Tim, welcome. Good to see you. I know that you have placed more than 10,000 dental implants over your last 25-plus years in private practice, but there had to be a first case. What made you say, “You know what, I’m going to start placing dental implants”? What made that light go on […]

My First Implant with Gerald A. Niznick, DMD, MSD

Volume 5, Issue 2

David Casper: Jerry, you first started placing implants back in 1971. I thought it would be fun to have you tell us why you got started, how you picked your first patient, and what kind of case it was. What made you decide to take the plunge? Dr. Gerald Niznick: I was a prosthodontist in […]

My First Implant with Dean H. Saiki, DDS

Volume 5, Issue 1

David Casper: Dean, thanks for being here today. Dr. Dean Saiki: Thanks for having me. DC: I want to go back to the very beginning and discuss how you got started as a general dentist. You’ve been in practice for 25 years? DS: Starting my 26th year now. I can’t believe it. DC: So what […]

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