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By the Numbers

Volume 8, Issue 1

Lab Perspectives™ Live: Episode 3 – Achieving Business Growth Today

Volume 2, Issue 3

I rarely, if ever, run into a laboratory owner who does not want to expand his business. Everyone wants a larger business where they can work less and make more money. However, wanting and building are two completely different things. Nobody is entitled to an automatic expansion of their business, and many lab owners are […]

Publisher’s Letter

Volume 2, Issue 3

I have spent the last 47 years of my life dedicated to the dental laboratory industry — something I would do again as I know you would, too. I have finally reached the point where I want to slow down. This issue of Lab Perspectives™ magazine will be my last publication for the lab industry. […]

In Our Hands: Controlling the Exciting Future of the Laboratory Industry

Volume 2, Issue 2

While many professionals leaving their cubicles at the end of the day may feel a sense of accomplishment at the latest contract signed or sale made or deal closed, those of us in the dental laboratory business earn our inner smile making real products that improve real people’s lives. Onetime artisans having spent long years […]

Introducing the Glidewell Milling Center

Volume 1, Issue 3

Although advertisements, industry conventions and laboratory figureheads have extolled the seemingly futuristic benefits and possibilities of applying CAD/CAM to laboratory technology, the buy-in expense of these tools makes them economically unreachable for a staggering percentage of the community. For the time being, the tight tolerances, dimensional accuracies and ultramodern materials delivered by the equipment guarantee […]

A Comprehensive Digital Approach to Implant Dentistry

Volume 1, Issue 1

Accounting for anatomical limitations and restorative goals while placing implants is a clinical necessity, as placement without such considerations can potentially compromise the success of function and esthetics in the case. Modern digital treatment planning (DTP) technology advances the diagnostic phase of implantology by enabling the clinician, in partnership with a trained design specialist, to […]

By the Numbers

Volume 8, Issue 3

Implant Q&A: An Interview with David A. Garber, DMD

Volume 4, Issue 3

Jim Glidewell: Thank you for being here, old friend. Dr. David Garber: Jim, I’m delighted. JG: We’ve known each other 30 years. I have the highest regard for you, and I’m so proud to have you here today. I’ve got several questions lined up for you. Let’s start with one about your practice up to […]

Community Service: Giving Back with an Obsidian® Smile Makeover

Volume 8, Issue 2

Introduction The young woman in this case had fallen under some very tough personal circumstances and needed dental help. Community service takes many forms, and in our office, we give back by taking on huge reconstructive cases. Case Description The patient presented with a large edentulous space in the anterior maxilla, severe vertical ridge atrophy […]

By the Numbers

Volume 8, Issue 2
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