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Tag: guided surgery

Implant Surgery Methods – March 2017

Clinical Newsline

The placement of dental implants is no longer a skill exclusive to specialists — advancements in digital technologies and continuing education opportunities have made it possible for general dentists to provide their patients with the benefits of this treatment. I have selected a few videos, articles and free continuing education courses full of valuable information […]

Freehand vs. Guided Surgery: Clinical Considerations and Case Examples

Volume 6, Issue 4

When treatment planning dental implant therapy, one of the biggest questions practitioners face is whether to employ freehand or guided surgery. As with many clinical considerations, the correct answer to this question is contingent upon the unique circumstances of each case and the preferences of the practitioner. Freehand surgery, in which a flap is reflected […]

gIDE Lecture-on-Demand Preview

Volume 6, Issue 2

In this gIDE Lecture-on-Demand Preview, Dr. Francesco Mintrone reviews the steps involved in providing a full-mouth reconstruction, including treatment planning, guided implant surgery, bone augmentation, provisionalization, soft-tissue management, and final prosthetic design. This Lecture-on-Demand video clip was provided courtesy of gIDE Institute. To see more videos, or to become a gIDE Member and gain full […]

The 3D Click Guide®: Model-Based Guided Surgery for Single- and 2-Unit Implant Cases

Volume 5, Issue 2

Although full-mouth restorations, complicated grafting cases, and All-on-4 rehabilitations are what we tend to see in lectures and magazines, the reality is that 90 percent of implant restorations are single- or 2-unit implant cases.1 This is the bread and butter of implant dentistry. The lower first molar is sometimes referred to as the “money tooth,” […]

All-on-4 in the Mandible – Digital Implant Dentistry from Start to Finish

Volume 1, Issue 3

Edentulous patients with loose and ill-fitting mandibular dentures are a common sight in the dental office. Often, the maxillary denture fits well, but the deficient fit of the lower denture limits these patients’ ability to chew certain foods. Even with periodic relines, persistent soreness makes it difficult for these patients to wear their lower denture […]

Case Presentation: A Multifaceted Approach to Complex Restorations

Volume 5, Issue 1

Dentists are often tasked with creating complex treatment protocols in order to best meet the clinical needs and desired outcomes of each individual case. There is no single solution that is easily applicable to all cases in implantology and restorative dentistry. A full knowledge and understanding of various treatment options is necessary to create a […]

Guided Implant Surgery for Single-Tooth Restorations: Streamlining the Process

Volume 3, Issue 2

Are Scan Appliances Necessary? While a scan appliance is required for larger cases such as fully edentulous arches, they may not be necessary for single-tooth and short-span cases. An optical scan of the models can be performed and the missing tooth virtually waxed-up in the CAD software. This provides the prosthetic information to plan the […]

Utilizing Digital Treatment Planning and Guided Surgery in Conjunction with Narrow-Body Implants

Volume 2, Issue 1

The patient in this case, a 64-year-old white female, had been edentulous for more than 25 years. Although her maxillary conventional complete denture was retentive and provided lip support for esthetics, her mandibular conventional complete denture was never completely stable and dramatically diminished her perceived quality of life. Although well made, the mandibular conventional denture […]

Digital Implant Treatment Planning: The Importance of the Scan Appliance

Volume 1, Issue 2

One of the fastest growing segments of implant dentistry is the utilization of CT scan data and treatment planning software in conjunction with guided surgery for implant reconstruction cases. The scan appliance is critical to the process and success of these cases. The primary purpose of the scan appliance is to show the ideal prosthetic […]

Utilizing Digital Treatment Planning and Guided Surgery to Restore Fully Edentulous Arches with the All-on-4 Technique

Volume 5, Issue 1

We now have access to technologies that greatly enhance our abilities to restore our patients with high precision in a shortened treatment time utilizing a minimally invasive surgical procedure. This case report will demonstrate several of these technologies. Utilizing Glidewell Laboratories’ Digital Treatment Planning Services allowed me to easily integrate these technologies into my practice. […]

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