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Osteotomes: Versatile Instruments in Your Implant Armamentarium

Volume 12, Issue 1

Chairside Live Episode 213: The Easy Way to Place Your First Implant


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi discusses the training that prepared him to place his first implant.

Chairside Live Episode 203: Bone Grafting and Immediate Implant Placement


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Timothy Kosinski illustrates the diagnosis, planning and treatment for the extraction of maxillary first and second bicuspids.

Implant Cervical Collars: Preserving Crestal Bone

Volume 7, Issue 4

Chairside Live Episode 197: Immediate Extraction and Implant Placement


Watch Dr. Charles Schlesinger take advantage of the excellent primary stability of Hahn™ Tapered Implants in fresh extraction sites.

One Patient, One Doctor, 30 Years of Implant Evolution

Volume 7, Issue 3

Principles of Implant Occlusion: Part 1 – Implants Are Not Teeth (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Clinicians must have an understanding of the fundamental differences between teeth and dental implants with respect to occlusal loading forces. Due to biomechanical differences between teeth and implants, care must be taken in developing occlusal schemes for prosthetic rehabilitation. Because dental implant occlusion can be complex, it’s imperative for clinicians to consider many factors in the formulation of an occlusal scheme for each specific type of prosthesis.

Choosing an Implant Surgery Method Based on Indication – Case of the Week: Episode 166

Volume 11, Issue 2

Transition™ Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis

Volume 7, Issue 1

The Transition™ Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis is a versatile appliance that functions as a superior long-term provisional or a strong — yet affordable — implant restoration that can provide several years of service for the fully edentulous patient. A more durable alternative to PMMA and other fixed temporary appliances, the Transition Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis is fabricated […]

Digital Scanning of Implants: A Win-Win for GP, Specialist and Patient Alike

Volume 11, Issue 1

Abstract With the introduction of new intraoral scanners to the dental equipment marketplace, dentists continue to develop procedures and protocols that are simpler, more accurate and more efficient, and reduce the amount of chair time needed to complete the work. This simplification has benefited not only the general dentist restoring implants, but the surgeon placing […]

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