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Tag: impression techniques

Case of the Week: Discussing an Impression with a Prep Too Close to an Opposing Tooth

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla examines an impression with the prep in close contact with an opposing tooth, causing an issue with a BruxZir® crown on a lower second molar not having enough room.

Case of the Week: Detailing Quality Impressions and Final Restorations for ERA®-Type Partial Dentures

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla demonstrates how to get a great impression and final restoration for ERA®-type partial dentures (Sterngold-Implamed; Attleboro, Mass.).

Case of the Week: Detailing the Lab’s ‘NO ROOM’ Sticker

Case of the Week

A case has a sticker on it that reads “NO ROOM.”

Chairside Live Episode 119: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, Part 2


On this episode, Dr. DiTolla sits down with Dr. Paul Homoly, a dentist and certified speaking professional who teaches clinicians across the nation how to improve their patient communication skills. Tune in to find out better ways to discuss your diagnoses with patients for increased case acceptance. In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. DiTolla focuses on occlusal splints and demonstrates the proper techniques for taking impressions and bite registrations for these useful appliances.

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