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Tag: inclusive abutments

Screw-Retained Crowns

Dental Implants Restorations Over Implants

Deliver Glidewell screw-retained crowns with maximum ease as well as the confidence afforded by our no-fault seven-year warranty.

Inclusive® Custom Implant Abutments

Dental Implants Restorations Over Implants

Inclusive® Custom Implant Abutments are designed to align with the gingival anatomy of the individual patient, ensuring a precise, comfortable fit

Center Stage: Inclusive® Custom Titanium Abutment Blanks

Volume 2, Issue 2

With the ever-increasing demand for implant treatment showing no sign of abating, many laboratory managers may feel the need to keep up with customer demand by holding an expansive inventory of stock abutments from the plethora of today’s popular implant manufacturers. While this approach may satisfy many clinicians in the near-term, the improved soft-tissue contours […]

Maxillary Esthetic Zone Restoration with a Monolithic BruxZir® Implant Bridge

Volume 4, Issue 1

Case Description The patient in this case presented with a complaint of constant throbbing pain on tooth #7, which served as an abutment tooth for an anterior maxillary bridge spanning teeth #7–10 (Fig. 1). Moreover, the patient expressed displeasure with the overall appearance of his smile in the esthetic zone, noting the discoloration of his […]

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