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Tag: IPS e.max crown veneer

Case of the Week: The Importance of Well-Developed Margins in an Impression

Case of the Week

An impression for an IPS e.max® crown (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) is missing well-developed margins on certain parts of the teeth.

Photo Essay: Hiding a Darkened Root in the Anterior with an IPS e.max® Crown and Veneer

Volume 10, Issue 2

Given the increasing popularity and higher esthetics of monolithic materials, restorations can look much more lifelike than they have in the past. In the case that follows, I replace a chipped zirconia crown that was lacking in esthetics and not comparable with the translucency standards of today’s zirconia. Thanks to IPS e.max® (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, […]

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