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Product Spotlight: Veneer Materials

Volume 12, Issue 3

Case of the Week: The Importance of Well-Developed Margins in an Impression

Case of the Week

An impression for an IPS e.max® crown (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) is missing well-developed margins on certain parts of the teeth.

Case of the Week: Preventing Issues with IPS e.max® Three-Quarter Crowns

Case of the Week

A dentist preps a couple of teeth for IPS e.max® three-quarter crowns (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) and runs into some problems.

Updated BruxZir® Cleaning, Cementing and Bonding Protocol

Clinical Videos

When lecturing on the new monolithic restorations such as BruxZir® and IPS e.max® (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.), the most common question I receive is in regard to the best way to cement or bond these restorations. Since there is a specific protocol using a product most dentists aren’t aware of, I decided to do this presentation to clear up any confusion.

IPS e.max® — CAD Clinical Advantages and Procedures

Clinical Videos

In this presentation, you will be introduced to a relatively new material called IPS® e.max CAD (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.). Unlike traditional PFM or zirconia-based restorations, IPS e.max CAD is milled from a single block that maintains a consistent shade throughout. With this material, there is no need to opaque out the dark metal substructure found in PFMs or keep the bright white zirconia substructure from bleeding through the ceramic. This presentation discusses the IPS e.max process used by the laboratory. It also features eight clinical cases showing how IPS e.max may be used for a variety of clinical needs.

Chairside Live Episode 135: No Patience for a Patient’s Shade Choice


In this episode of Chairside Live, we have a bonus Case of the Week! In the first case, see what happens when a doctor lets the patient pick a B1 shade in a 4-unit anterior IPS e.max® (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) restoration case. Then, join us as we take a sneak peek at the new study models available from our lab. Of course, Megan brings the news to keep you informed and current with everything happening in the dental world. Watch Episode 135 of Chairside Live now!

Chairside Live Episode 118: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP


Dr. DiTolla talks with Dr. Paul Homoly, a dentist and certified speaking professional who teaches clinicians across the nation how to better their patient communication skills for increased case acceptance. In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. DiTolla puts IPS e.max® (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) and BruxZir® Solid Zirconia side by side to compare their abilities to cover up unesthetic stump shades and cements in the anterior.

Chairside Live Episode 108: Exclusive Interview with Dr. David Hornbrook


On this episode, Dr. DiTolla sits down with Dr. David Hornbrook, a San Diego area dentist with a passion for high esthetics. Tune in as these two experienced clinicians discuss the varying esthetic outcomes of IPS e.max® (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.), IPS Empress® (Ivoclar Vivadent) and BruxZir® Solid Zirconia. Continuing the focus on cosmetic dentistry, this episode’s Case of the Week highlights the all-new digital diagnostic wax-up service. Watch Episode 108 of Chairside Live now!

Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System

Dental Implants Inclusive Tooth Replacement Systems

The Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System contains everything required to predictably restore a missing tooth.

Lab Metrics

Volume 2, Issue 3

All statistics sourced from Glidewell Laboratories internal data. 983 Number of dental labs in the U.S. that buy implant components from Glidewell Direct. Screws, analogs, and 4.5 and 6.0 mm abutments are the top items being purchased. 2.5 Average number of IPS e.max® units pressed from each 3-gram ingot (based on 45,436 IPS e.max units […]

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