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Tag: lackluster impression

Case of the Week: Lackluster Impressions for a 3‐Unit BruxZir® Bridge

Case of the Week

A dentist sends two impressions that aren’t quite “up to snuff” for a 3-unit BruxZir® bridge.

Case of the Week: An Example of a Lackluster Impression

Case of the Week

A “terrifying” impression is examined by Dr. DiTolla.

Case of the Week: An Example of Good, Bad and Unesthetic Impressions

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla examines a set of three impressions — good, bad and ugly.

Chairside Live Episode 140: Quality Dentistry: It’s a Choice


This episode’s Case of the Week features a lackluster impression that came into the lab paired with the instructions, “Do your best.” Dr. DiTolla examines the case and explains how the clinician could have achieved a better restorative outcome by simply admitting that the case did not meet patient safety standards and, instead, choosing to practice quality dentistry. Then, Megan rounds out the show with the latest dental news from Thailand. Watch Episode 140 of Chairside Live now!

Chairside Live Episode 82: And the Impy Award Goes to …


After we’re done dishing out awards for sloppy impressions, we move on to big things happening in the news. Megan gives the scoop on a brave Colorado dentist who has no fear when it comes to extractions. She’ll also tell you about a new French toothbrush that will give you one more reason to never put down your smartphone.

Chairside Live Episode 24: Scary Impression


In this special Halloween edition of Chairside Live, hear about a dentist who is promoting fangs for a cause, a nationwide program that is waging a war on candy to help our kids and our troops, and see an impression that made us shudder in Dr. D’s Scary Case of the Week.

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