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Tag: margins

Case of the Week: The Importance of Well-Developed Margins in an Impression

Case of the Week

An impression for an IPS e.max® crown (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) is missing well-developed margins on certain parts of the teeth.

Case of the Week: Using the Two-Cord Technique to Enhance Impression Results

Case of the Week

A dentist is frustrated with her impression results. Dr. DiTolla suggests the two-cord technique to help get the margin all the way around.

Case of the Week: How to Handle an Impression with Hard-to-Read Margins

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla offers advice to a doctor who sent in a couple impressions with some hard-to-read margins.

Chairside Live Episode 128: Margins Matter: Will the Material Fit the Margin?


We’re talking minimum reduction on this episode’s Case of the Week. What happens when a doctor preps a tooth for a certain material, but we don’t have enough at the margin to fulfill the request? Find out! Also, Megan discusses some very odd dental news.

Improving Implant Restoration Margins with Cord Packing and Direct Impressions

Volume 4, Issue 4

Direct impressions of seated implant abutments can save chair time and improve the accuracy of final restorations. One way to maximize functional and esthetic outcomes when restoring implant cases is to seat the final abutment, pack retraction cord and take a direct final impression. As with custom abutments, many stock abutments have predefined margins in […]

Using Margin Placement to Achieve the Best Anterior Restorative Esthetics

Volume 4, Issue 4

Today’s clinician faces a myriad of options when considering the best esthetic solution for restorative dentistry or cosmetic changes in anterior teeth. He or she can use numerous materials, each with highly specific properties and qualities, to solve almost any clinical dilemma. Regardless of the material the clinician chooses, however, he or she has only […]

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