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Employee Spotlight: ‘Chairside Live’ Host Megan Strong

Volume 14, Issue 1

Chairside Live Episode 194: Choosing the Right Restorations


Dr. Siamak Abai removes a patient’s temporaries and chooses from Obsidian® Pressed to Metal, Obsidian All-Ceramic, BruxZir® Full-Strength and BruxZir Anterior to finish the case from Episode 187.

Chairside Live Episode 193: Clinical Photography in the Posterior


Will Schmidt, RDA, returns to give us even more tips and tricks on clinical photography. This time, he focuses on the posterior and shows us the tools he uses to achieve exceptional photographs with every case.

Chairside Live Episode 192: A New Smile: Restoring the Anterior


Dr. Justin Chi replaces a patient’s existing restorations with BruxZir® Anterior, restoring the smile with strength and beauty.

Chairside Live Episode 191: Traditional PFM Alternative & Impression Tray Selection


Dr. Anamaria Muresan places Obsidian® Pressed to Metal crowns on the first and second mandibular molars, and explains why she chooses to use a full-arch impression tray when there is no distal stop.

Chairside Live Episode 190: Chairside Milling of an Obsidian® Onlay


Dr. Justin Chi milled an Obsidian® onlay chairside for tooth #3, and while the onlay was milling, he took that time to restore tooth #18 with Camouflage® NanoHybrid Composite.

Chairside Live Episode 189: Make a Good (Digital) Impression


Dr. Justin Chi goes digital and demonstrates a simplified workflow for replacing an old PFM on #19 with a BruxZir® crown.

Chairside Live Episode 188: Before the Drill Hits the Tooth


Will Schmidt, RDA, demonstrates how he prepares and sets up for large cosmetic cases.

Chairside Live Episode 187: The Esthetic Zone: BioTemps® CAD in the Anterior


Dr. Siamak Abai is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible fabrication and seating process for BioTemps® CAD Provisionals in the anterior.

Chairside Live Episode 186: Restoring the Posterior with a BioTemps® CAD Bridge


Will Schmidt, RDA, delivers a three-unit BioTemps® CAD bridge in the posterior while highlighting his clever technique for temporizing over an extraction site.

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