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Tag: monolithic

Chairside Live Episode 235: Replacing a Gold Crown with a Zirconia Crown


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi removes a poorly fitting gold crown on #19 and replaces it with a beautiful BruxZir® NOW crown in a single appointment, utilizing the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution.

Chairside Live Episode 234: Temporize & Restore Under Existing Removable Appliances


In this episode of Chairside Live, Will Schmidt, RDA, shows how to solve the frequent challenge of making a temporary and final crown to fit under an existing removable partial denture or orthodontic appliance.

Chairside Live Episode 233: A Smile Makeover with Veneers


How do you treatment plan in the anterior when your patient demands a high level of esthetics without compromising strength? Dr. Justin Chi places veneers on teeth #4–13, utilizing BruxZir® Esthetic, a breakthrough in monolithic zirconia, to give his patient a total smile makeover.

Three Applications of BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Over Implants

Volume 5, Issue 2

Implant therapy is a long-lasting mode of tooth replacement with a tremendous variety of applications. Patients have every reason to expect that an osseointegrated implant will last for their entire lives. At the same time, clinicians are demanding restorative materials that can withstand the considerable forces that implant restorations are subject to in the absence […]

Understanding Zirconia Crown Esthetics and Optical Properties

Volume 2, Issue 4

Introduction Today’s state-of-the-art esthetic restorative crown & bridge materials consist of monolithic ceramics such as zirconia (ceramic) and lithium disilicate (glass-ceramic). Monolithic ceramic restorations made of partially stabilized zirconia (typically 3 percent yttria, 97 percent zirconia, by weight) are increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional PFM restorations and other porcelain-veneered ceramic substructures, such […]

Monolithic Versus Bilayered Restorations: A Closer Look

Volume 6, Issue 1

Abstract The all-ceramic crown was developed in the early 20th century when Charles H. Land patented the all-porcelain “jacket” crown to improve esthetics. This procedure consisted of rebuilding the missing tooth with a porcelain covering, or “jacket” as Land called it. To solve the product’s strength problems, Abraham Weinstein in the late 1950s introduced a […]

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