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Incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice

Clinical Videos

Dr. Michael DiTolla recently had a chance to sit down with board-certified Dental Sleep Medicine specialist Dr. Todd Morgan and get his sleep dentistry questions answered. Dr. Morgan currently has a private practice in Encinitas, California, where half of his production is from restorative dentistry, and half is from sleep dentistry. Tune in to hear how Dr. Morgan got involved in this area of dentistry, the best way to incorporate this type of treatment into your practice, and why it can be a lifesaver for dentists who physically can’t or don’t want to do restorative dentistry anymore.

Chairside Live Episode 121: Follow a BruxZir® Crown from Start to Finish


Dr. D finishes up Part II of his interview with Dr. Todd Morgan, as they discuss how to identify patients who could benefit from snoring and sleep apnea treatment. Then, in the Case of the Week, discover how a BruxZir® Solid Zirconia crown is fabricated from start to finish.

Chairside Live Episode 120: Saving Lives with Sleep Appliances


Dr. DiTolla talks with Dr. Todd Morgan, a leading authority on snoring and obstructive sleep apnea treatment, to discuss everything from their time practicing together to Dr. Morgan’s first sleep appliance he improvised for his father before he got started in dental sleep medicine. In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. DiTolla praises a doctor’s preparation and impression that led to a successful case for the laboratory, doctor and patient.

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