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Veneer Prep School: Designing the Ideal Preparation

Volume 13, Issue 1

Learn All About Veneers – December 2016

Clinical Newsline

Our patients demand great esthetic results, and ceramic veneers are a key treatment option to satisfy this demand. Fortunately, new materials and techniques have made this exacting treatment more predictable. For this installment of Clinical Newsline, I have assembled several articles, videos and free CE courses devoted to veneers and the techniques and materials used. […]

Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers Utilizing Minor Orthodontic Procedures

Clinical Videos

When a patient asked for no-prep veneers, but their teeth were in a crossbite, Dr. Michael DiTolla realized that some minor orthodontic adjustments were necessary to achieve esthetic success. He called Space Maintainers Laboratory, who walked him through the simple orthodontic procedures needed prior to the placement of no-prep veneers.

Clinical Case Compendium — Volume 2

Clinical Videos

This clinical compendium presents several unique cases and products that have not previously been released. The first case exhibits a combination of no-prep and minimal-prep veneers that were used to restore old veneers. You’ll be surprised how much prep is actually involved. In the second case, Dr. DiTolla meets the challenge of replacing an anterior crown with a single-unit Procera® Zirconia crown (Nobel Biocare; Zurich, Switzerland). The next case presents upper and lower partial dentures, with a removable design service that helps facilitate the procedure. The final clinical cases highlight the benefits of utilizing Captek™ Bridge & Implant (Argen Corporation; San Diego, Calif.).

Shade-Adjustable Veneers and Diagnostic Wax-Up Technique

Clinical Videos

Most dentists are familiar with prepped veneers, and many are now familiar with no-prep veneers. This presentation will cover these topics, as well as introduce a new concept: minimal-prep veneers. You will be presented with the use of the Diagnostic Wax-Up technique, which will help you determine where to prep and how much to prep minimal-prep veneers. In addition, this presentation will show you how you and your patient can determine the final shade of no-prep veneers, chairside, using shade-adjustable veneers techniques. Dr. Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD, is your host.

Prepped and No-Prep Comprehensive Porcelain Veneer Techniques

Clinical Videos

Six porcelain veneer cases provide a close look at beautiful solutions to many commonly encountered dental challenges. Two cases highlight the pros and cons of the no-prep technique. In another two cases, the use of gingival recontouring to achieve patients’ desires is demonstrated. Also shown is the replacement of old veneers, and a conservative treatment of lower anterior teeth with veneers instead of full-coverage crowns.

Unique Use of No-Prep Veneers to Close Post-Surgical Gingival Embrasures

Clinical Videos

Dr. DiTolla treats a patient who is unhappy with the appearance of her smile. The patient has recently undergone periodontal surgery and, while this has improved the periodontal condition, it has created multiple black triangles between her maxillary anterior teeth. Historically, it has been difficult to find a long-term solution for this type of esthetic challenge. However, Dr. DiTolla utilizes interproximal no-prep veneers as a unique solution to this difficult challenge. Watch this clinical technique in action in this presentation from Glidewell Laboratories.

Anterior Crossbite and Midline Correction Utilizing a Crown/Veneer Combination

Clinical Videos

This video presents a patient with an anterior crossbite and a midline diastema. The patient is treated using a full crown for the tooth that is in crossbite, along with a combination of prepped and no-prep veneers for the midline correction.

Unique Use of No-Prep Veneers to Correct Multiple Esthetic Concerns

Clinical Videos

Although many alternative restorative options are sometimes available — each offering positives and negatives — overcoming a challenge while creating a happy patient was the optimum solution in this case. No more spaces between the teeth and no tooth preparation were the patient’s primary concerns, whereas the lack of an ideal result was not a problem: understanding the patient’s goals and requirements, and a willingness to think outside of the box, helped to make a big difference for this dental-phobic patient. The case considered and accomplished the patient’s objectives in a single visit. No-prep veneers eliminated the need for preparation or temporization. An extensive analysis of the case is provided, and many practice techniques and tips are discussed and demonstrated.

Comparative Study of No-Prep, Laser Removal and Minimal-Prep Veneers on the Same Patient

Clinical Videos

There seems to be an ongoing controversy in the world of esthetic dentistry as to whether prepped or no-prep veneers are the better restoration. In an attempt to find the answer, we compare the esthetic results achieved with both types of veneers. This fascinating case highlights the sometimes-subtle differences between these two veneer modalities. This video presents a patient willing to have no-prep veneers placed and removed with a laser, and then have minimal-prep veneers placed, offering a unique opportunity to compare the two side by side. The two techniques are then compared and discussed in detail using the “after” photos from each procedure.

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