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Tag: no prep vivaneers

Learn All About Veneers – December 2016

Clinical Newsline

Our patients demand great esthetic results, and ceramic veneers are a key treatment option to satisfy this demand. Fortunately, new materials and techniques have made this exacting treatment more predictable. For this installment of Clinical Newsline, I have assembled several articles, videos and free CE courses devoted to veneers and the techniques and materials used. […]

Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers Utilizing Minor Orthodontic Procedures

Clinical Videos

When a patient asked for no-prep veneers, but their teeth were in a crossbite, Dr. Michael DiTolla realized that some minor orthodontic adjustments were necessary to achieve esthetic success. He called Space Maintainers Laboratory, who walked him through the simple orthodontic procedures needed prior to the placement of no-prep veneers.

Use of Clinical Zirconia Crowns and No-Prep Vivaneers™ for Esthetic Enhancement

Clinical Videos

Dr. DiTolla treats a patient with a history of recurrent decay. In order to hide these esthetic issues, the patient is treated using clinical zirconia crowns and no-prep Vivaneers™. The ability to finish off a smile without preparation is demonstrated by the use of Vivaneers. The diode laser is also used to recontour the gingival tissues around the anterior teeth while using lab-fabricated temporaries as a template.

No-Prep Vivaneers™ with Prismatik ThinPress™

Clinical Videos

The clinical case studied in this video illustrates an ideal situation and good use of no-prep Vivaneers™. The patient had multiple diastema between the teeth, and additional tooth length was desired. Additionally, the patient did not have any of the facial-limiting factors that are discussed. An analysis of the case points out various details that are to be considered before the placement of 10 no-prep Vivaneers. A veneer “try-in” predicts a desirable esthetic outcome, achievement of objectives is demonstrated, and an excellent clinical result is realized in a short period of time. This is achieved in just 15 minutes, as technique tips are discussed and thoroughly demonstrated using close-up, over-the-shoulder videography of the various steps during the no-prep veneer placement procedure. Many practice tips are provided to help participants efficiently prepare, etch, place, clean up, adjust and finish a no-prep case; and concise information about burs, discs, cups, pastes and other supplies is provided.

Photo Essay: Anterior Procera® Zirconia Crowns with No-Prep Vivaneers™

Volume 4, Issue 2

This patient presented with some interproximal decay and some failing composites on teeth #7–10. The teeth were prepared according to the Reverse Preparation Technique to ensure adequate reduction for the laboratory. The caries was stained and removed, and the deficient areas were built-up with a self-etching flowable composite. Procera™ zirconia crowns (Nobel Biocare; Yorba Linda, […]

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