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Tag: obsidian ceramics

Chairside Live Episode 201: Replacing Unesthetic Direct Composite Veneers


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi replaces the patient’s discolored composite veneers with Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic veneers for a natural appearance.

Chairside Live Episode 199: Obsidian® All-Ceramic Milled Chairside


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi treats a case of post-op sensitivity by replacing a crown on tooth #30 with an Obsidian® All-Ceramic crown milled chairside.

Chairside Live Episode 195: A New Smile with Obsidian® Veneers


Watch Dr. Anamaria Muresan create a smile makeover with 10 Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic veneers following esthetic crown lengthening.

Chairside Live Episode 194: Choosing the Right Restorations


Dr. Siamak Abai removes a patient’s temporaries and chooses from Obsidian® Pressed to Metal, Obsidian All-Ceramic, BruxZir® Full-Strength and BruxZir Anterior to finish the case from Episode 187.

Chairside Live Episode 191: Traditional PFM Alternative & Impression Tray Selection


Dr. Anamaria Muresan places Obsidian® Pressed to Metal crowns on the first and second mandibular molars, and explains why she chooses to use a full-arch impression tray when there is no distal stop.

Chairside Live Episode 190: Chairside Milling of an Obsidian® Onlay


Dr. Justin Chi milled an Obsidian® onlay chairside for tooth #3, and while the onlay was milling, he took that time to restore tooth #18 with Camouflage® NanoHybrid Composite.

Obsidian® Pressed to Metal vs. Conventional PFM – August 2016

Clinical Newsline

In this inaugural installment, we are excited to showcase Obsidian® Pressed to Metal, the latest in dental restoratives that is changing the way doctors view bilayer restorations. We have collected a number of resources that focus on its high chip resistance, lifelike esthetics, and strength five times that of conventional feldspathic porcelains. – Neil Park, […]

Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic

Volume 7, Issue 2

Chairside Live Episode 177: Screw-Retained Anterior Crowns Using Obsidian® Pressed to Metal


In this episode of Chairside Live, we revisit an Obsidian® Pressed to Metal case and finish up Dr. Neil Park’s three-part interview with Dr. David Schwab, dental practice management consultant.

Chairside Live Episode 175: The Science Behind Obsidian® Pressed to Metal Restorations


We put anterior Obsidian® Pressed to Metal restorations to the test in our HAMMER TEST!

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