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Tag: obsidian veneers

Learn All About Veneers – December 2016

Clinical Newsline

Our patients demand great esthetic results, and ceramic veneers are a key treatment option to satisfy this demand. Fortunately, new materials and techniques have made this exacting treatment more predictable. For this installment of Clinical Newsline, I have assembled several articles, videos and free CE courses devoted to veneers and the techniques and materials used. […]

Chairside Live Episode 173: Veneers Two Ways: Obsidian® & Solid Gold


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Anamaria Muresan presents a doubleheader: a 6-unit Obsidian® veneer case and a solid gold veneer case.

Chairside Live Episode 170: Failing PFM Bridge OUT! Obsidian® Restorations IN!


Watch as Dr. Anamaria Muresan replaces a failing PFM bridge with an Obsidian® Pressed to Metal crown on tooth #7 and an Obsidian Pressed to Metal bridge on teeth #8–11, and improves the patient’s smile further with an Obsidian veneer on tooth #6.

Collaborating on a Smile Makeover, from Surgery to Obsidian® Veneers

Volume 11, Issue 1

No matter the scope of your dental practice, collaboration is one of the most effective ways to set yourself apart as a practitioner. This might seem counterintuitive, but the benefits are clear as you face highly complex cases, in which multidisciplinary treatment plans stand to benefit the most from a wealth of experience, input and […]

Chairside Live Episode 164: Digitally Designing an Obsidian® Onlay


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi puts Obsidian® to the test on tooth #19, where a failing DO amalgam and DL cusp fracture threaten the tooth structure.

Chairside Live Episode 158: A Case with Camouflage™ NanoHybrid Composite


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch as Dr. Anamaria Muresan explores an Obsidian® veneer case. Megan takes the chair, as Dr. Muresan uses our Camouflage™ material on tooth #30.

Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic

Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic is a state-of-the-art material system that supports a comprehensive range of restoration indications and categories, with both pressed-to-metal and all-ceramic versions available. Designed and manufactured with the latest digital technologies, Obsidian restorations deliver premier esthetics, lasting function and precise fit. This extensive material system allows dental professionals to easily match the […]

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