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Tag: one on one

One-on-One Interview with Rella P. Christensen, RDH, Ph.D.

Volume 12, Issue 1

One-on-One Interview with Chad Duplantis, DDS

Volume 11, Issue 4

One-on-One Interview with Neil Park, DMD

Volume 11, Issue 3

One-on-One Interview with Dean Saiki, DDS

Volume 11, Issue 2

One-on-One Interview with Lance Alder, DDS

Volume 11, Issue 1

Dr. Siamak Abai: It is my pleasure to have Dr. Lance Alder here for a one-on-one interview for Chairside® magazine. We’ve known each other for about three years now. We’ve had a good working relationship, we’ve bounced ideas off each other in the past, and it’s nice to have a local dentist in the magazine. […]

One-on-One with Dr. Siamak Abai: Interview of Dr. Mona Goodarzi

Volume 10, Issue 4

Dr. Siamak Abai: Moving to the United States as a young teenager, what were some of the challenges you faced? Dr. Mona Goodarzi: I was really excited to move to the States. We had family who lived in the States and would visit us, and I always wanted to leave Iran with them on their […]

One-on-One: Interview with Knight Dental Group

Volume 2, Issue 3

Warren, can you provide us with a few highlights of your professional career before you became an owner at Knight Dental Group? Most of my career was spent on the manufacturing side of our industry and with one company: Bayer AG, or Bayer Dental Products as most know it. During my 25-year career at Bayer, […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Dr. Joshua Austin

Volume 10, Issue 3

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Josh and I were introduced to each other by Dr. Chris Salierno, who’s the editor in chief of Dental Economics® (Tulsa, Okla.) magazine. Josh took over the prestigious “Pearls for Your Practice” column, and I started writing a monthly column that used to be called “From the Laboratory,” but now it’s more […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Dr. Bob Lowe

Volume 10, Issue 2

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Well, welcome to the latest interview in our series. Today, we have one of my clinical mentors going back a long, long time. Well, not that long, but long enough. A little longer than I’ve been practicing, and Bob is one of the first names that I’ve recognized to win the Gordon […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Dr. Erin Elliott

Volume 10, Issue 1

Dr. Michael DiTolla: I’m happy to have with us today Dr. Erin Elliott, who I met not too long ago when I was up at the Idaho State Dental Association meeting. I really liked what she had to say about her practice, because I think her two areas of emphasis are great for any dentist […]

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