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Tag: orthodontics

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Dr. Erin Elliott

Volume 10, Issue 1

Dr. Michael DiTolla: I’m happy to have with us today Dr. Erin Elliott, who I met not too long ago when I was up at the Idaho State Dental Association meeting. I really liked what she had to say about her practice, because I think her two areas of emphasis are great for any dentist […]

Photo Essay: Utilizing Limited Orthodontics in a No-Prep Veneer Case

Volume 9, Issue 2

When this patient came in wanting to improve his smile, it was clear this wasn’t going to be a straightforward veneer case. I used to do orthodontics in my practice, and I’m comfortable using removable appliances to correct clinical conditions such as crossbites, so I had Space Maintainers Laboratory fabricate a removable appliance for me. […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: 20 Questions with Dr. Brock Rondeau

Volume 3, Issue 3

Question 1: I’d like to start by just letting people hear a little bit about your background. I took your comprehensive ortho course 15 years ago and started doing ortho, and you’re still the only general practitioner I know who treats solely orthodontic cases and TMD cases — and now snoring and sleep apnea as […]

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