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Let’s Get Digital – February 2018

Across the Chair

  Let’s Get Digital “What a great time it is to be involved in the growing landscape of digital dentistry. New technology is paving the way to help make clinicians’ practices more efficient, patients’ appointments less stressful, and technicians’ jobs more precise. As the clinical operatory manager at Glidewell Dental, I’m fortunate to get up […]

The Big Case – January 2018

Across the Chair

  The Big Case “At some point in our dental career, we have all seen a certain scenario unfold. A motivated patient walks in the door, having been contemplating treatment for a long time and waiting for the right moment to act. Whether this decision is cosmetic or restorative in nature, the patient has made […]

Staying in the Know – December 2017

Across the Chair

  Staying in the Know “For years, I’ve explained benefits and risks to patients, fielded questions about restorative materials, and faced requests to detail every step of the day’s visit (and what to expect postoperatively). I can tell a patient why a solid zirconia crown will succeed in a heavy posterior bite and the reasons […]

Earning Patients’ Trust – June 2017

Across the Chair

I recently presented live to registered dental assistants, dentists and office staff at the California Dental Association annual convention in Anaheim, California. One of the key points that I stressed was the importance of employing skilled and experienced registered dental assistants within the dental practice to optimize production and potential. I would like to keep […]

Implant Q&A: An Interview with Dr. Mark Adams

Volume 6, Issue 1

David Casper: Mark, welcome. Thanks for being here. Dr. Mark Adams: Thank you for having me, David. DC: I want to jump right into ClearChoice. Tell us about this organization and its mission. MA: We started in 2006 with our first center in Denver, Colorado. We now have 27 centers throughout the United States. Our […]

Communication – The Key to Customer Service

Volume 1, Issue 3

Have you ever had a customer get upset, and you just can’t figure out what set them off? Chances are, with a little digging, the issue will be traced to a communication lapse. For example, a customer sends in a prescription with the expectation that the case be received in-office by a certain date. What […]

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