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Chairside Live Episode 211: Reinventing the PFM


In this episode, Dr. Justin Chi discusses an innovation in ceramo-metal restorations that is outperforming traditional PFMs.

Chairside Live Episode 189: Make a Good (Digital) Impression


Dr. Justin Chi goes digital and demonstrates a simplified workflow for replacing an old PFM on #19 with a BruxZir® crown.

Obsidian® Pressed to Metal vs. Conventional PFM – August 2016

Clinical Newsline

In this inaugural installment, we are excited to showcase Obsidian® Pressed to Metal, the latest in dental restoratives that is changing the way doctors view bilayer restorations. We have collected a number of resources that focus on its high chip resistance, lifelike esthetics, and strength five times that of conventional feldspathic porcelains. – Neil Park, […]

Chairside Live Episode 144: What Happened to PFMs?


Dr. D takes a look at the restorative breakdown of the first six months of 2015 as well as the previous eight years. Then, Megan shares the story of a recent discovery of some not-so-recent dental work.

Obsidian® Fused to Metal

PFM and Full-Cast Gold Obsidian Lithium Silicate Ceramic

Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic Fused to Metal restorations are state-of-the-art PFMs for today’s clinician.

Lab Metrics

Volume 2, Issue 1

All statistics sourced from Glidewell Laboratories internal data. Top Five Reasons

Lab Metrics

Volume 1, Issue 3

All statistics sourced from Glidewell Laboratories internal data. 561 Number of U.S. dental labs that order BioTemps® from Glidewell Laboratories 452 Number of U.S. dental labs that order Erkoloc-pro® Hard/Soft thermoforming discs (ERKODENT Erich Kopp; Germany) ERKODENT thermoforming discs are available through Glidewell Direct. Visit glidewelldirect.com or call 888-303-3975 to place an order. 291 Number of U.S. […]

No BruxZir® Bridge for You! Case of the Week: Episode 92

Volume 9, Issue 1

The video stills that follow highlight an interesting Case of the Week from Episode 92 of "Chairside Live," featuring a fractured PFM bridge. The dentist sent it in with a request for an all-ceramic BruxZir® Solid Zirconia bridge (Glidewell Laboratories; Newport Beach, Calif.) as a replacement. While BruxZir Solid Zirconia is often a viable choice […]

Editor’s Letter

Volume 8, Issue 3

Shockingly, as of December 2013, the PFM now makes up a paltry 10 percent of the crowns that dentists ask us to fabricate. Consider that as recently as 2007, PFMs were just over 65 percent of the crowns we fabricated in the laboratory. Six years later, PFMs are barely able to hang on to a […]

Editor’s Letter

Volume 7, Issue 3

It was interesting to read recently that students at NYU College of Dentistry received a letter from the faculty informing them that the dental school’s default direct restorative material was being changed from amalgam to composite. It’s not that the school has completely abandoned amalgam — the amalgam technique will still be taught in preclinical, […]

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