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Tag: provisional teeth

Chairside Live Episode 172: Communicating Treatment Plan Benefits to Patients


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch Part II of Dr. Neil Park’s interview with Dr. David Schwab, as they discuss training your staff to present and discuss treatment plans with patients.

BioTemps® Implant Provisionals

Provisionals Dental Implants Restorations Over Implants

A BioTemps® Implant Provisional provides all the benefits of a BioTemps crown, serving as a natural-looking temporary at any stage of implant treatment.


With BioTemps® Provisionals, you can provide your patients with a beautiful smile as soon as you prepare their teeth. These splinted crowns and full-arch bridges restore lost vertical dimension and promote contoured healing for ovate pontics or anterior extractions. They are also recommended for patients who will undergo tissue therapy. A BioTemps Implant Provisional provides […]


Composite restorations provide a viable, low-cost option for conservative metal-free procedures. Our technicians are trained to provide ideal marginal fit, full polymerization and lifelike esthetics. Prior to the final seating appointment, Glidewell Laboratories has many ways to provide your patients with a beautiful smile, like cosmetic appliances for those not yet willing or able to […]

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