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R&D Corner: What’s in the Zirconia Crowns You Place? Investigating the Raw Material

Volume 14, Issue 2

R&D Corner: Chipping Resistance — Traditional PFMs vs. Obsidian® Fused to Metal

Volume 12, Issue 3

Bonding Zirconia to Zirconia

Volume 6, Issue 3

Zirconia is a popular dental restorative material due to its excellent material properties and esthetics. Chemical inertness enables zirconia restorations to withstand the harsh chemical conditions that occur in the mouth. However, the chemical inertness of zirconia also presents a challenge for bonding zirconia to zirconia via traditional resin cements. Unique methods are indicated when […]

Finite Element Analysis of the BruxZir® Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis vs. the Titanium-Bar-Supported Acrylic Denture

Volume 6, Issue 1

Innovations in restorative materials have equipped clinicians with multiple prosthetic options that have greatly elevated the quality of treatment dental professionals can provide. For instance, the emergence of full-arch implant-supported prostheses has significantly improved the lives of fully edentulous patients. Due to their stability, retention and capability to restore masticatory function, fixed implant restorations have […]

Monolithic Zirconia Restorations Over Low-Profile Titanium Abutments

Volume 5, Issue 3

Monolithic zirconia is increasingly popular as a replacement for traditional PFM implant restorations. Shaded restorations fabricated from monolithic materials such as BruxZir® Solid Zirconia exhibit great durability and esthetics. The rapid adoption and integration of CAD/CAM technology and the restorative flexibility of low-profile titanium abutments and copings are also driving this trend. A restorative protocol […]

Taking a Peek at PEEK

Volume 4, Issue 4

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK), a material used in dentistry for provisionalization and soft tissue contouring, is strong, biocompatible and easy to shape (Figs. 1a, 1b). Moreover, multiple studies confirm PEEK’s ability to maintain its mechanical properties and biocompatibility in long-term applications.1,2 Figures 1a, 1b: Custom healing abutments, which are used to control soft tissue contouring […]

“Digital in a Day” – See how your implant case can be turned around in a single day!

Volume 4, Issue 2

View the video “Digital in a Day” as we follow an implant restoration in real time from scanning in the doctor’s office to receipt in the laboratory, design, manufacture and shipping back to the doctor. Every step of the process will have a time stamp in the upper right-hand corner of the screen showing the […]

Which Custom Abutment and Why?

Volume 4, Issue 3

Custom implant abutments produced from titanium and zirconia are popular and affordable choices for cement-retained restorations. Advancements in dental CAD/CAM and manufacturing techniques make it possible to create patient-specific abutments that are both strong and esthetic.1 Custom abutments are available in three primary configurations: Figure 1: Because of their robustness and versatility, titanium abutments are […]

Form and Function of Implant Threads in Cancellous Bone

Volume 4, Issue 1

The external threads on dental implants are designed to maximize initial contact, enhance surface area and facilitate dissipation of stresses at the bone-implant interface.1 The geometric characteristics of the thread influence how stresses are transferred from the implant to the bone. Sufficient initial contact with surrounding bone is important to facilitate primary stability of the […]

Strength and Flexibility of BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Implant Restorations

Volume 3, Issue 2

Flexural Strength Typical zirconia materials demonstrate a flexural strength of more than 900 MPa. As a result of the proprietary methods used to process BruxZir milling blanks, BruxZir zirconia exhibits an even greater strength, measured as high as 1,510 MPa in accordance with the JIS R 1601 standard on an Instron-5564 electromechanical testing system (Fig. […]

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