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Tag: reconstruction

Dual-Arch Reconstruction: A Rewarding Experience for Dentist and Musician Alike

Volume 12, Issue 1

The Damage Undone: Complete Oral Reconstruction for a Patient with Chronic Tooth Decay

Volume 6, Issue 1

When oral health is neglected for extensive periods of time, dental conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease can advance to a point that, prior to the advent of implant therapy, was considered hopeless. If a patient presented with extensive caries and a non-restorable set of dentition, practitioners had no choice but to extract the […]

Simply Beautiful: A Venus® Reconstruction of a Class II Malocclusion

Volume 4, Issue 3

“Venus” is a name preserved in the mythology of ancient Greece, meaning natural beauty. One of the goals of ceramic dental reconstructions is to recreate the intrinsic beauty of natural tooth structure within a ceramic matrix that can also withstand the functional test of time in the oral environment. Venus® porcelain (formerly known as HeraCeram) […]

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