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Tag: rule of 27

Case of the Week: Violating the ‘Rule of 27’ with a BruxZir® Bridge

Case of the Week

A BruxZir® bridge cannot be made because a bridge a doctor sent in violates the “Rule of 27” and must be switched to a PFM bridge.

Case of the Week: Determining the Suitability of a BruxZir® Bridge with the ‘Rule of 27’

Case of the Week

How the “Rule of 27” is used to determine whether a BruxZir® bridge is suitable for a patient.

Chairside Live Episode 92: No BruxZir® Bridge for You!


Even though we can hit single-unit BruxZir® crowns with a hammer and not even scratch them, bridges are another story. In the Case of the Week, see how we use the “Rule of 27” to determine whether a BruxZir bridge is suitable for a patient, and why the PFM bridge is far from dead! Then, Megan discusses a hygienist who is giving a shocking gift to a patient, as well as a Florida dentist who had to change her phone number for a very annoying reason. Watch Episode 92 of Chairside Live now!

Chairside Live Episode 59: The Battle of the Stock Abutment Versus the Custom Abutment


Go to chairsidelive.com to subscribe to our email list. You’ll be the first to receive information on exciting new product releases, continuing education opportunities, hands-on training courses, and new releases of Chairside magazine and Chairside Live! In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. D explores an implant case featuring the battle of a stock abutment versus a custom abutment. Then, he explains the “Rule of 27” in response to a question sent in by a viewer. In the news, Megan discusses new research that links oral bacteria and fetal death, and if you have trouble getting your children to brush their teeth, you’ll be amazed at the record that was recently set in Nigeria.

Chairside Live Episode 6: Rule of 27


Watch this episode of Chairside Live as Megan reports on a man charged with practicing dentistry without a license, and the debut of a new cannabinoid-based chewing gum. Also, catch a fascinating Case of the Week as Dr. DiTolla explains the “Rule of 27.”

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