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Tag: screw-retained

Chairside Live Episode 177: Screw-Retained Anterior Crowns Using Obsidian® Pressed to Metal


In this episode of Chairside Live, we revisit an Obsidian® Pressed to Metal case and finish up Dr. Neil Park’s three-part interview with Dr. David Schwab, dental practice management consultant.

Chairside Live Episode 163: Replacing a Bridge with Obsidian® Pressed to Metal


Watch as Dr. Siamak Abai replaces a failing bridge on teeth #7–10 with Obsidian® Pressed to Metal crowns on #7 and #10, and Obsidian Pressed to Metal screw-retained crowns on #8 and #9 after using guided surgery to place the implants.

From Removable to Fixed: Transitioning Patients from an Implant Bar Overdenture to a Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

Volume 6, Issue 4

The flexibility of implant therapy has increased dramatically over the years, particularly for fully edentulous patients, who today have several treatment alternatives that are vastly superior to the traditional complete dentures that were the sole restorative option only decades ago. Clinicians can now offer edentulous patients the safe, predictable placement of implants in order to […]

Chairside Live Episode 154: Posterior Implant Problems


Episode 153 featured placing an implant in the anterior, and now in this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. Siamak Abai walks us through the case of replacing a failing implant in the posterior. Then, Megan dishes on the latest news from the dental world.

Screw-Retained BioTemps® Bridge

Volume 6, Issue 3

In the presence of sufficient implant stability, temporization affords a wide array of benefits. In addition to providing the patient with a lifelike prosthesis while the implant osseointegrates and the soft tissue heals, temporaries help establish an ideal emergence profile and esthetic gingival contours and margins for the planned restoration. Provisionalization also gives the patient […]

My First Implant with Mark W. Adams, DDS, M.S.

Volume 6, Issue 2

David Casper: Thanks for being here today, Mark. Over the years, I’m sure you’ve completed thousands of implant cases, including cases that required complicated treatment plans. I thought we’d spend some time talking about your very first dental implant case. There had to be that one case that made you say, “Hey, I’m going to […]

Trends in Implant Dentistry: BruxZir® Screw-Retained Crowns

Volume 5, Issue 2

Screw-retained crowns offer advantages in several clinical situations, including those where easy retrievability of the restoration is needed, limited interocclusal clearance is a factor, or residual cement is a concern. As a monolithic material with exceptional durability and lifelike esthetics, BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is an optimal and increasingly popular choice for screw-retained restorations, with prescriptions […]

BruxZir® Screw-Retained to the Rescue

Volume 9, Issue 1

Case Presentation A female patient was referred to our office by her brother-in-law, a dentist who practiced in another state. He had diagnosed her with non-restorable root resorption on tooth #9. The tooth had been part of a traumatic injury suffered in childhood that was treated at the time with endodontic therapy. With the patient […]

Inclusive® TRS Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

Volume 4, Issue 1

Implant-retained overdentures present patients with significant advantages over traditional dentures, providing superior retention for improved function, eliminating the need for denture adhesives, and serving to slow or prevent bone resorption in the edentulous arch. Unfortunately, the complexity of conventional methods can make such treatment options unpredictable for the prescribing clinician and expensive for the patient, […]

Creating a Screw-Retained Temporary

Volume 3, Issue 2

A temporary restoration provides a prosthetic prototype that helps not only to sculpt the soft tissue contours, but also to simplify the seating of future components. Think of it as a practice builder: it satisfies the patient because they get their tooth back more quickly, and clinicians are better able to manage patient expectations for […]

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