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Tag: small-diameter implants

Chairside Live Episode 228: The Small-Diameter Implant: A Valuable Treatment Option


When dealing with bone loss and related issues in denture patients, Dr. Raymond Choi harnesses the power of an alternative to conventional implants. Watch as he explains his method for providing impressive results utilizing small-diameter implants.

Dental Restoration: Restoring Fully Edentulous Cases – October 2016

Clinical Newsline

When a patient enters your practice needing restoration work, you might run into some issues. Especially if it’s a full-arch dental restoration. With a full-arch restoration, you have a challenging task ahead of you. Although this task might seem difficult, the reward behind completing it and creating the right treatment plan for your patient is always […]

Inclusive® TRS Mini Implant Overdenture

Dental Implants Inclusive Tooth Replacement Systems

The Inclusive® Mini Implant Overdenture provides everything you need for your denture stabilization case — all for a single low price.

Implant Q&A: An Interview with Dr. Paresh Patel

Volume 6, Issue 2

David Casper: Paresh, thanks for being here today. Dr. Paresh Patel: Absolutely. Thanks for having me. DC: You graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in 1996. What was their implant curriculum like in the mid-1990s? PP: We were told, “This is an implant; stay away from it.” That […]

Achieving Success with Small-Diameter Implants

Volume 10, Issue 1

It is without question that dental implants are one of the most successful additions to modern dentistry. With a success rate of greater than 95 percent, the root-form implant should be considered to restore any edentulous area. However, when we are presented with the need to manage a highly resorbed ridge, significant issues for the […]

A Better Quality of Life with Implant-Retained Overdentures

Volume 9, Issue 2

Introduction The need for crowns, bridges and full dentures is steadily increasing, in part because the generation that filled schoolrooms in the 1950s is now arriving in great numbers in their dentists’ offices. Life expectancy in America is growing, and baby boomers are known for the premium they place on quality of life, so it’s […]

My First Implant with Dean H. Saiki, DDS

Volume 5, Issue 1

David Casper: Dean, thanks for being here today. Dr. Dean Saiki: Thanks for having me. DC: I want to go back to the very beginning and discuss how you got started as a general dentist. You’ve been in practice for 25 years? DS: Starting my 26th year now. I can’t believe it. DC: So what […]

Mini Implants: Insight from Dr. Gordon Christensen

Volume 4, Issue 2

Mini implants as a permanent solution Initially, I was using minis as transitional implants when I had placed conventional implants and just wanted something to hold the denture or the fixed bridge in place while the conventional-diameter implants integrated. I found, after three or four months of waiting for the conventional diameter implants to integrate, […]

Mini Implants for the Masses: Four Applications of Small-Diameter Implants

Volume 4, Issue 3

Implant therapy is an optimal treatment option for edentulous patients, addressing several of the challenges that can arise when edentulism is treated with conventional dentures, including problems with prosthetic retention and stability, bone resorption and functional difficulties. Implant-retained overdentures help to elevate the patient’s quality of life by dramatically improving retention, stabilizing the denture to […]

Small Diameter Implants: Choosing the Appropriate Implant Diameter

Volume 4, Issue 1

Bicortical Stabilization Engaging the bone in both directions (labio-lingual) as well as the inferior and superior plates is important when choosing the appropriate implant diameter. That is where mini implants are at their best: placed in thin bone with strong cortical plates — the ideal environment for a small-diameter implant to engage and osseointegrate. Availability […]

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