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Tag: solid zirconia

Chairside Live Episode 152: This Just Might Be Your New Go-to Anterior Restoration


Dr. Siamak Abai discusses a BruxZir® Anterior case, demonstrating how clinicians can achieve premium esthetics while retaining the functional advantages of a high-strength zirconia material. Tune in to see just how far dental restorative materials have come since the heyday of porcelain over metal restorations. Then, Megan takes a bite out of the latest dental crime news.

Chairside Live Episode 151: BruxZir® NOW and Dental News Later


Meet Dr. Siamak Abai, as he discusses BruxZir® NOW. With this latest innovation in the BruxZir Solid Zirconia line, you can mill and deliver high-strength BruxZir restorations in a single appointment. You don’t want to miss this Case of the Week! Then, Megan discusses some chatter coming from the dental news world.

Chairside Live Episode 144: What Happened to PFMs?


Dr. D takes a look at the restorative breakdown of the first six months of 2015 as well as the previous eight years. Then, Megan shares the story of a recent discovery of some not-so-recent dental work.

Chairside Live Episode 142: CAD/CAM Could Have Helped This Case


Dr. D shows us a situation where CAD/CAM technology could have helped tremendously to ensure a better clinical outcome. Then, Megan brings the news with yet another reason to never smoke.

Chairside Live Episode 141: Dark Disaster: Dark Stump Shade and a Translucent Crown


Dr. D explores a case featuring BruxZir® Anterior Solid Zirconia, our latest innovation in the BruxZir Solid Zirconia line. Find out what happens when you pair a translucent crown with a dark stump shade. Then, Megan brings the news from the dental world.

Chairside Live Episode 139: When Chairside Adjustments Go Wrong


A dentist tries to get creative with an implant-retained BruxZir® bridge. Let’s just say that his impromptu chairside modifications didn’t work out as planned. Tune in to see our lab’s solution to remedy the situation. Then, Megan discusses a dentist who puts most of us to shame!

Chairside Live Episode 136: Defend the Dimension … the Vertical Dimension!


Dr. D shines the spotlight on a dentist who demonstrated a logical way to maintain the vertical dimension on a full-mouth BruxZir® Solid Zirconia case. Then, Megan whips up some cringeworthy stories in the news.

Chairside Live Episode 133: Digital Technology Could Have Saved the Day


Dr. D spotlights the problems of a BruxZir® bridge case and presents his ideas of how digital technology could have prevented them. In the news, Danica Patrick reminds everyone why practicing good oral hygiene is always a good idea.

Chairside Live Episode 130: Slip, Slip, Hooray! The BruxZir® Bridge That Wouldn’t Stay


Come with Dr. D and explore an interesting Case of the Week, featuring his solution to a BruxZir® bridge that kept slipping. Then, Megan grosses you out in the news with a creepy, crawly chairside nightmare.

Chairside Live Episode 127: Utilizing CAD/CAM Technology to Please Patient and Practitioner


In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. D explores the power of the study model and CAD/CAM technology in a BruxZir® Anterior Solid Zirconia case. Then, Megan serves up some wild news from the dental world.

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