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Tag: susan wingrove

Peri-Implant Disease: Prevention, Diagnosis and Nonsurgical Treatment

Volume 5, Issue 1

Proper maintenance of the peri-implant soft tissue, including the evaluation and treatment of peri-implant inflammation and bone loss, plays a key role in ensuring the best possible long-term outcomes for implant therapy. With a clear understanding of peri-implant disease, how it develops, and the methods involved in preventing, diagnosing and treating the condition, its effects […]

Residual Cement Removal, Titanium Scalers and Successful Restorations

Volume 4, Issue 1

The placement of cement-retained crowns, though popular, may leave behind residual cement that can be difficult to remove from subgingival areas. The effective removal of residual subgingival cement can help prevent soft tissue inflammation, gingival bleeding, crestal bone loss and peri-implant disease. Because implant restorations can greatly benefit from the timely identification and removal of […]

Hygienist’s Corner – A Probing Question

Volume 3, Issue 3

When assessing for peri-implant disease, “bleeding on probing” (BOP) is invaluable in the diagnostic process for peri-implant mucositis, and probing depths are valuable in assessing loss of bone support around osseointegrated implants.1,2 An important yet controversial component of the assessment is probing the dental implant. Some implant surgeons recommend not probing the implant, or waiting […]

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