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Tag: vertical dimension

Complete Dentures: Clinical Procedures (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

In this course, Dr Siamak Abai goes through the diagnostic and clinical procedures in providing compete upper and lower dentures.

Case of the Week: Explaining the Occlusal Stop

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla discusses the occlusal stop by helping a doctor who wants to maintain the bite by assisting in dialing in an increase in vertical dimension in a full-mouth restorative case.

Chairside Live Episode 136: Defend the Dimension … the Vertical Dimension!


Dr. D shines the spotlight on a dentist who demonstrated a logical way to maintain the vertical dimension on a full-mouth BruxZir® Solid Zirconia case. Then, Megan whips up some cringeworthy stories in the news.

Defend the Dimension … the Vertical Dimension! Case of the Week: Episode 136

Volume 10, Issue 3

In our Case of the Week, we’ve got a doctor who really took a logical approach to maintaining the vertical dimension on a full-mouth BruxZir® restoration case. Everything has been prepped on the upper and lower, and in cases like this, it’s sometimes difficult for dentists to be able to take a good bite registration […]

Where Is the Vertical? Basic Principles to Find Lost Vertical Dimension for Full-Mouth and Implant Rehabilitation

Volume 1, Issue 4

One of the most common questions that arises with larger cases is: Where is the vertical dimension? How did you find the vertical dimension? How did you transfer the vertical dimension to the final prosthesis? It seems like all of us struggle with this concept, and we try to use a significant amount of classic […]

The Vertical Dimension of Speech: The Pilot of Occlusion

Volume 1, Issue 4

Introduction This article discusses the various problems of vertical dimension, namely those of the face, of occlusion and of speech. It stresses why the vertical dimension of speech should be used as the primary guide for establishing the vertical dimension of occlusion and when performing restorative procedures. The control for the vertical dimension of speech […]

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