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Tag: yelp

Legal Matters – Yank the Yelp!

Volume 11, Issue 1

Yelp gives a powerful voice to every customer, satisfied or not. Unfortunately, it also gives that same power to every fake disgruntled customer, created by your competitor, who can write a fabricated review that is then read by the entire world. Well, spoiler alert: Although it does not happen very often, I’ve actually been successful […]

Chairside Live Episode 165: Mask the Metal: An Obsidian® vs. BruxZir® Challenge


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch as Dr. Anamaria Muresan compares Obsidian® Pressed to Metal and BruxZir® Anterior to determine which material best covers a metal post.

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Glenn Lombardi

Volume 7, Issue 1

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Glenn, I like to bring you back at least once a year, sometimes more often, because in addition to doing websites for dentists, you now help them with their online presence and social media needs. This is an area that is changing so rapidly that I feel like I need to check […]

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