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Temporary vs. Provisional – November 2018


Find Out the Top 5 Benefits of Using BioTemps® Provisionals and See Them Live in Action.

To me, the word “temporary” is the most overused term in interim stage dentistry. While a temporary does provide important functionality, it is limited at best. Our temporaries serve as space holders. They cover the exposed tooth structure, and minimize sensitivity. On the other hand, a prefabricated provisional functions in all of these capacities, while also providing added benefits that you don’t get when you use a chairside temporary. BioTemps® Provisionals manage tissue, verify the restoration fits comfortably, confirm phonetics, provide durability and most importantly act as a template for the final restoration.

When we simply change the way we think about interim dentistry, we’re able to provide additional value to our patients. We aren’t just temporarily helping them get by until the next stage of treatment. Instead, we’re here contributing to the overall success of their final restoration.

You can get an up-close look at provisionals in action by checking out these “Chairside Live” episodes. Glidewell’s prefabricated BioTemps Provisionals can be used in various situations such as immediately following an extraction, during interim stages of a multi-unit cosmetic treatment, and in conjunction with existing removable appliances.

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager


Feature Content

Restoring the Posterior with a BioTemps® CAD Bridge

Restoring the Posterior with a BioTemps® CAD Bridge

Watch how a BioTemps Provisional three-unit bridge was successfully used in a tricky area that wasn’t suited for a chairside temporary.

Watch Video


Reconstructing the Esthetic Zone

See how a multi-unit BioTemps Provisional works wonders in the esthetic zone during a lengthy and complicated restorative treatment.

Watch Video


Temporize and Restore

Temporize and Restore under existing Removable Appliances

Take a look at how you can successfully design, order and construct a BioTemps Provisional to fit underneath a removable appliance so your patient doesn’t have to pay to remake their retainer, nightguard or active aligner.

Watch Video

Across the Chair

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