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How to Pack Your Case

Shipping and Packing a Case Box

  1. Place foam on bottom of box.
  2. Separate models, and secure impressions and bites.
  3. Arrange contents in a plastic bag for proper infection control.
  4. Place foam on top of contents.
  5. Add prescription.
  6. Tape box securely shut.
  7. Attach a preprinted shipping label to top. (Please note that you must use a pre-printed Glidewell shipping label to avoid being billed by FedEx at a much higher cost.)

Note: If you are sending a scheduled rush case, write “RUSH” on the outside of the box/package as well as on the prescription. To schedule a rush case, please contact Customer Support at 855-289-9657.

Bundle and Save Money

To start saving money today, simply utilize our bundling program. The savings add up quickly!

  • Include two or more cases in one box, and pay just $9 per box each way. For every other case included in the same box/package, the inbound shipping charge is waived.
  • Just separate the cases in plastic bags, and staple its prescription to the outside of each bag for accurate identification.
stack of packed boxes

Packing Your Case with Articulator

To avoid model damage, make sure you pack your articulator according to the instructions in our video.