The Glidewell Mission

Improving Quality, Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

Dedicated clinicians like you hold fast to a professional mission to protect and restore the appearance and function of every smile that comes through your office door. Yet the realization of that mission frequently depends upon the allies on whom you rely for support, particularly your dental laboratory.

Over the past 50 years, Glidewell has supported dental professionals by helping clinicians simplify treatment, optimize results, and improve the lives of their patients. In fact, Glidewell has a mission of its own: to increase patient access to premium dental services through improved quality, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Education Solutions

Through Glidewell education, you’ll learn the emerging science, technology and clinical methodologies to advance patient care, opening the door to new opportunities and practice growth.

Preventive Solutions

Glidewell offers cutting-edge preventive devices that can be quickly and easily integrated into your practice to care for and protect your patients’ teeth even when they’re not in your chair.

Restorative Solutions

Glidewell offers a wide array of restorative services and access to the latest technology that is designed to improve your results while saving you money and streamlining your processes.

Glidewell Mission

Watch the video below to learn more about how Glidewell supports the dental community.