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Comprehensive treatment, exclusively for you

Glidewell™ Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring™ addresses the needs of Glidewell customers who are looking to prescribe clear aligners for a wide range of malocclusions, without extensive training or disruption to their practice workflows. Glidewell customers qualify for exclusive pricing and benefits. 

Glidewell Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring includes:

  • Clear aligners not limited in treatment steps for the initial treatment plan 

  • Up to 2 refinements within 2 years of initial aligner shipment date

  • Clinical education & training

  • Technical support

  • Ortho review of treatment plan

  • ProMonitoring Patient Monitoring

  • Patient live chat support

Glidewell Customer Preferred Pricing:           $1,299

Convenient, effective clear aligners

This technology-driven orthodontic platform combines precise aligner manufacturing, AI-powered monitoring, and expert support to create an ideal combination of convenience, reliability, and service.

Woman using the ScanBox Pro with phone

Includes accurate, AI-powered remote patient monitoring.

ProMonitoring App Images with AI

Treatment planning support from US-licensed orthodontists.

Dr. Manalilli with patient and intraoral scanner

Submit cases using any intraoral scanner.

Dr. Manalilli with patient looking at scan

Reduce office visits by up to 89% compared to traditional ortho1.

Clear Aligners held in hand

98% of patients finish treatment with one or fewer refinements2.

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Drive up to $124k in revenue from a production event3.

1 Compared to conventional orthodontic treatment.
2 Based on all patients initiating treatment between Oct 1 and Oct 31, 2021, (n=43).
3 Data on file with Candid Care Co.


Clear Aligners

Durable, comfortable, and highly accurate clear aligners for helping patients achieve a functional alignment and improve esthetics. Manufactured from trilayer Zendura FLX.

Clear Aligners feature image

ScanBox Pro

A packable patient monitoring device that facilitates high-quality progress photos using the patient’s smartphone.

Feature image of ScanBox Pro

ProMonitoring App (Patients)

A free mobile app that helps patients take progress photos, and track their transformation.

Mobile phone with ProMonitoring app

ProMonitoring Doctor Portal

Your online aligner check headquarters, featuring patient records and detailed AI-powered tracking analytics.

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ProMonitoring Ignition Kit

A full suite of marketing assets to use in your practice and online.

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Get started with Glidewell Clear Aligners:
Powered by ProMonitoring


Complete the sign-up form and you're on your way.  A ProMonitoring representative will be in touch to guide you through the registration and onboarding process.


Download your Glidewell Clear Aligners: Powered by ProMonitoring marketing kit to let your patients know that you’re offering a more convenient clear aligner solution.


A ProMonitoring orthodontist will review your case for extra confidence. First, upload and submit records to ProMonitoring for production and shipping. Then, ship to either your practice or directly to your patients.


Track your patients’ progress via ProMonitoring digital scans. AI analyzes tracking, hygiene, and other factors, alerting you if issues are detected. Schedule office visits as needed.

Bring the Next Generation of Retention to Your Patients With PermaForm

More Comfort. More Durability.
More Innovation.

Introducing our newly enhanced PermaForm clear retainers.

These highly-advanced appliances give providers a reliable way to bring patients the durable, comfortable, and effective retention they need to protect their smiles for life.

Permaform box image
accuracy icon

Effective retainers should match patients’ dentition at the final stage. With PermaForm, you can count on accuracy to 96 microns to the source file1.

protection icon

PermaForm retainers are highly resistant to deformation and staining and even feature 2x more crack resistance than competing materials2.

comfort icon

With an ideal combination of thickness and hold, patients will barely notice they're wearing PermaForm retainers.

clarity icon

Anti-reflective properties of PermaForm retainers make them extremely discreet and almost entirely transparent when in use2.

Data on file
Bay Materials Zendura A (data on file)

Case Gallery

*These patients were treated with the same clear aligner product offered by Glidewell but under a different brand name.

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