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  • Product
    Simply Natural™ Handcrafted Dentures
    • Workable with traditional and digital impressions
    • Suitable for experienced and new dentists alike, with high customizability and premium teeth options to allow for esthetic smiles
    • Supported by intuitive and well-recognized techniques to provide patients with their definitive denture
  • Product
    Simply Natural™ Digital Dentures
    • Created from Glidewell proprietary 3D-printed resin
    • Digitally designed with records stored for 5 years for future reprints
  • Product
    Simply Natural™ Immediate Dentures
    • 3D-printed and handcrafted options for a comfortable, precise fit
    • Delivered in as little as 2 visits to provide patients with quick, efficient delivery
    • Straight-to-finish available for 3D-printed and handcrafted options
    • Try-ins available for added customization with a handcrafted option
  • Product
    Simply Natural™ Copy Dentures
    • 3D printed using prior existing dentures or a scan of patient dentures to allow the best fit possible
    • Created using Glidewell’s proprietary resin, which demonstrates durable flexural strength (96 MPa base and 110 MPa, teeth) and flexural modulus (2,953 MPa base and 2,785 MPa, teeth) similar to traditional dentures
    • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Product
    CAD/CAM-Milled Acetal Partials
    • No unsightly metal hooks and superior retention with tooth-bearing clasps
    • A similar thinness and level of comfort to cast metal partials
    • High level of accuracy due to CAD/CAM technology
    • Vertical stops prevent the appliance from impacting the tissue
  • Product
    Flexible Partials
    • Incredible strength, durability and biocompatibility
    • Available in DuraFlex, Valplast and tcs materials
    • Provides lifelike esthetics and flawlessly blends with the patient’s natural tissue
    • Thermoplastic injection provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues
  • Product
    Simply Natural™ Partials
    • Individually crafted by skilled dental technicians using proven partial designs, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment
    • Available in a variety of materials, including Vitallium® 2000, Thermoflex™, and Valplast®
    • Indicated for conventional and esthetic clasp partial denture applications, as well as combination crowns with attachments
  • Product
    Combination Crowns & Partials
    • Our team does everything, from ceramics to partial frameworks
    • Recommended for partially edentulous patients when crowns and partials are indicated
    • Ideal for patients who do not want to show metal partial clasps
  • Product
    Reflex™ Plus
    • Extremely comfortable to wear, with little or no coverage of the palatal tissue
    • Can be relined and is repairable like acrylic
    • Gingival-shaded clasps adapt to patients’ undercuts