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The Service of Speed at Glidewell

Customization is at the core of every restoration Glidewell creates. Each incoming prescription is unique, and this simple reality prevents Glidewell from realizing the economies of scale we could achieve if dentistry were a one-size-fits-all discipline. Beyond that, it has the potential to make the two key elements of any viable business—speed and quality—mutually exclusive. How can we deliver prescription restorations quickly if each one requires such significant customization?


Autopilot factory

Technological and Human Interventions

Glidewell engineers have harnessed the power of modern and emerging technologies to alleviate these concerns. However, the tools tell only half the story. Glidewell has made concerted effort to maximize operational efficiencies via the following evolutions:

  1. Streamlining workflows
  2. Eliminating wasteful downtime
  3. Implementing 24-hour production cycles

The results of these adjustments is the achievement of rapid turnaround times for our customers. Specifically, three-day in-lab working times on 90% of our crown & bridge cases — without compromising quality for speed. Eighty percent of all cases are returned within four days.

These are not service objectives to which we aspire; they are milestones we are achieving for our customers today and every day. Naturally, the benefits of this rapid turnaround are significant: your patients spend less time in temporaries, and more rapidly completed cases get you paid faster.

Always 'On'

At any time of the day or night, a group of Glidewell experts is on the clock and working to stay in step with the service of speed, striving to keep pace with the efforts of dentists to deliver better results for their patients in less time. Yet regardless of the hour of day a given restoration is produced, its creation is supported by an organization whose research and development pedigree frequently moves dental technology forward. For 50 years, Glidewell has refused to be bound by the limitations of existing manufacturing, design or materials technology. We relentlessly search for and invent newer, better, faster ways to make dental restorations and maintain the service of speed.