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Engage Your Way: Customer Communication Tools at Glidewell

Sending a case to your laboratory requires an immense amount of trust. Not only must clinicians trust the skill, dedication and artistry of their lab’s technicians, they must also trust that if they need help with their case, their lab will be easy to contact and provide them with the reliable and knowledgeable information that they need.

But when your laboratory is difficult to contact or provides unreliable information about your case, it causes a cascade of stress, fear and undesirable business outcomes as the trust between the clinician and their lab of choice is shattered.

Over the last half-century, Glidewell has listened to the needs and desires of our doctors when it comes to communicating with their lab so we can be there when you need us. Not only have we been quick to adapt to new communication technologies as they emerge, but we have also led the industry as we’ve developed our own suite of powerful and easy-to-use communication tools.


Customer Service Rep with computer screens


For doctors who prefer to talk on the phone, we have a large team of friendly customer service representatives and technical advisors supported by world-class training and education. Our promise to you is that we will always answer your call within three rings. Our customer service team is available during extended hours so you can get help from your laboratory throughout the day and evening when other labs have gone home.

We also offer a free, online case management portal called My Account that streamlines the restorative workflow and lets you and your staff quickly perform many routine and time-consuming actions like scheduling pickups, monitoring cases, paying bills, uploading case files, and more.


Customer Service Rep with computer screens


If you’d like to discover how working with Glidewell can accelerate your practice, just give us a call at 800-854-7256. You can visit myaccount.glidewelldental.com to get up and running with My Account in just a couple minutes. Your dedication to practicing quality dentistry inspires and drives us to continuously improve the level of service and accessibility we provide to our customers.