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    CAD/CAM-Milled Acetal Partials
    • No unsightly metal hooks and superior retention with tooth-bearing clasps
    • A similar thinness and level of comfort to cast metal partials
    • High level of accuracy due to CAD/CAM technology
    • Vertical stops prevent the appliance from impacting the tissue
  • Product
    Flexible Partials
    • Incredible strength, durability and biocompatibility
    • Available in DuraFlex, Valplast and tcs materials
    • Provides lifelike esthetics and flawlessly blends with the patient’s natural tissue
    • Thermoplastic injection provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues
  • Product
    Simply Natural™ Partials
    • Individually crafted by skilled dental technicians using proven partial designs, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment
    • Available in a variety of materials, including Vitallium® 2000, Thermoflex™, and Valplast®
    • Indicated for conventional and esthetic clasp partial denture applications, as well as combination crowns with attachments
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