Preventive Solutions

While clinicians are equipped with a wealth of ever-improving materials and technologies to beautifully restore their patients’ teeth, practitioners are often without a clear path to offering preventive solutions that not only improve patients’ lives between dental visits, but also easily expand the doctor’s service offerings.

Glidewell has spent the last 50 years supporting clinicians, and we’ve developed a wide range of cutting-edge preventive devices that can be quickly and easily integrated into your practice to care for and protect your patients’ teeth even when they’re not in your chair.


Simple Splint Therapy Utilizing Hard/Soft Occlusal Splints

In this video, Dr. Michael DiTolla discusses the ways in which the uncomfortable splints of the past have been replaced with patient-friendly, comfortable hard/soft occlusal splints.

More Ways to Prescribe Prevention

Glidewell offers a full spectrum of preventive appliances from PlaySafe® Sports Mouthguards to the absolute latest in dental sleep appliances.

PlaySafe® Sports Mouthguards

Laboratory-made PlaySafe sports mouthguards are prescribed for professional and amateur athletes because, when worn properly, they can prevent dental trauma.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental sleep medicine has been identified as one of the fastest-growing areas of dentistry. Discover how Glidewell can help you start offering this service to your patients.