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Locator® Fixed Prosthesis


*Price is for BruxZir® Full-Strength Zirconia and does not include shipping or applicable taxes.

Please note pricing is only available to dental professionals.

The Locator® Fixed Prosthesis offers a simple, efficient means of providing fully edentulous patients with a fixed implant restoration. Using the same Locator abutment and attachment technology that many dentists are familiar with, the Locator Fixed Prosthesis allows you to restore your patients' dental function, confidence and smile with ease.

  • More efficient chairside procedure vs. screw- and cement-retained options
  • Natural esthetics with no visible screw access holes
  • Easily convert existing Locator overdenture patients to a fixed solution, with the option of upgrading acrylic to BruxZir® Zirconia 
  • Less vertical space required than other fixed full-arch solutions

The Simple Solution for Fixed Full-Arch Implant Restorations

Unlike the Locator Implant Overdenture, the Locator Fixed Prosthesis is designed to stay in position using Locator technology and cannot be removed by the patient. Supported by at least four implants, the Locator Fixed Prosthesis gives patients the confidence to smile and ability to chew food and speak with ease. Available in four materials, including high-strength BruxZir Zirconia, each Locator Fixed Prosthesis is carefully crafted by Glidewell's lab technicians to ensure an optimal fit and natural esthetics.

Further, existing Locator Implant Overdenture patients with at least four implants can upgrade their removable Locator Overdenture to a fixed restoration with relative ease, as this prosthesis can take advantage of their existing Locator abutments. Unlike the Locator Implant Overdenture, the prosthesis features a convex intaglio surface that allows for easy maintenance while remaining fixed in the oral cavity.

Glidewell’s Locator Fixed Prostheses are fabricated through a simple, predictable clinical workflow, and are an excellent option for patients looking for a permanent alternative to dentures that offers maximum dental function and a simplified maintenance regimen. The Locator Fixed Prosthesis includes proprietary rigid inserts within gold housings that seat over Locator Abutments connected to the implants. The strength of the inserts are such that the prosthesis can only be removed by the clinician (a Locator seating and removal tool is recommended for this purpose).

At Glidewell, we employ a dedicated full-service team of specially trained implant technicians to restore your case with the utmost care. Our all-inclusive pricing eliminates the fear of hidden costs. When you prescribe removable implant solutions from Glidewell, you will discover an easy, predictable and profitable approach to dentistry.

Locator is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors. Kenson® is a registered trademark of Myerson, LLC.

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The Locator Fixed Implant Prosthesis is indicated as a non-removable, implant-supported restorative solution for the fully edentulous arch.

Material Composition

BruxZir® Full Strength Zirconia, Bruxzir Esthetic Zirconia, PMMA or Acrylic.

Number of Implant Restorations Produced

2 million

In-Lab Working Times

  • Bite block: 5 days
  • Wax setup: 5 days
  • Reset wax setup (if necessary): 4 days
  • Provisional try-in implant prosthesis (BruxZir cases only): 6 days
  • Final prosthesis: 6 days

Available Shades

Tooth shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4

Gingival shades: G0 (light), G1 (Standard), G3 (Med), G4 (Dk) 


Locator® Fixed Prosthesis — BruxZir Full-Strength

Includes 4 Locator Abutments with complete Locator Fixed Attachments and final zirconia prosthesis.

Locator Fixed Prosthesis — BruxZir Esthetic

Includes 4 Locator Abutments with complete Locator Fixed Attachments and final zirconia prosthesis.

Locator Fixed Prosthesis — PMMA

Includes 4 Locator Abutments with complete Locator Fixed Attachments and final PMMA [poly(methyl methacrylate)] prosthesis.

Locator Fixed Prosthesis — Acrylic

Includes 4 Locator Abutments with complete Locator Fixed Attachments and final acrylic prosthesis with Kenson® teeth.


Policies & Warranty

Glidewell (“the lab”) warrants that all dental devices (a “device”) are made according to your specification and approval in the belief that the device will be useful and MAKES NO OTHE WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Subject to the return of a device that is placed and then fails, the lab will repair or replace the device without charge for the cost of materials and workmanship or refund the original price paid, at the lab’s option, for the Locator Fixed Pro thesis fabricated with acrylic and PMMA: up to one year, and for the lifetime of the patient for prosthesis fabricated from BruxZir Zirconia.



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