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ORB Sport™ Smart Mouthguard


**Price includes ORB Sport mouthguard, protective wireless charging case and 12-month patient subscription to ORB mobile app (thereafter $4.99/month billed annually or $7.99/month billed monthly). All subscriptions are paid and managed through the Apple App Store. Subscription is required for access to any data and insights on the app. An optional Season Protection Plan is $49 per year. Enrollment allows for duplicate mouthguards to be purchased at the discounted price of $99 per mouthguard when ordered by the recipient through the ORB app. Duplicate mouthguards are valid for the same person and fabricated using the existing impressions or scans on file. Pricing does not include shipping or applicable taxes.

Please note pricing is only available to dental professionals.

The ORB Sport™ Smart Mouthguard is a protective oral appliance that tracks physiology and biomechanics, providing athletes valuable performance-and-wellness data when it matters most.

  • Tracks heart vitals, body movement and head impacts
  • Wearable during training and competition**
  • Records data for post-exercise analysis
  • Custom fit for maximum comfort and protection

**May be subject to policies or regulations of independent sport governing bodies.

Track Heart Vitals

Capture heart rate, zones, averages, and ranges.

Monitor Movement

Register steps, intensity and estimated distance covered.

Measure Impacts

Identify impact locations and accelerations experienced.

Wearable fitness trackers are typically not allowed in contact and combat sports. This leaves athletes unable to monitor fundamental performance-and-wellness indicators when it matters most.

The ORB Sport™ Smart Mouthguard is the first oral appliance to track physiology and biomechanics, providing athletes with meaningful data in their quest to monitor wellness and achieve peak performance.

Custom fit for maximum comfort and protection, the ORB Sport mouthguard precisely measures over 20 different metrics, including session data, heart rate, step counts, estimated distances, calories burned, movement intensity — even region and force of head impacts.

Wirelessly connect a smartphone via Bluetooth® to visualize metrics in the ORB mobile app, or stream heart rate data via other fitness apps and trackers.

Each ORB Sport mouthguard comes with its own, custom-molded carrying case with built-in wireless charging, keeping it portable and at-the-ready.

Whether your patient-athletes are looking to gain a competitive edge or simply want to more closely gauge their fitness, prescribe an ORB Sport Smart Mouthguard to help them reach and maintain their maximum performance potential.

ORB mobile app available for Apple iOS devices. Heart rate data compatible with apps and trackers that utilize standard Bluetooth heart rate protocols.

A message from ORB Innovations cofounder and CEO Rob Paterson to prospective ORB Sport patient-athletes

“Whether your patients are athletes looking to gain a competitive edge or simply want to improve their fitness, prescribe ORB Sport to help them reach their full performance potential.”

— Rob Paterson, CEO, ORB Innovations

Mouthguard Specifications

  • Biocompatible – Fabricated with the same high-quality EVA plastic material as popular PlaySafe® brand mouthguards
  • Durable Design – Built to withstand the rigors and moisture of the oral environment
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity – Connect with a smartphone or compatible GPS trackers via Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Wireless Charging – Wirelessly charged inside custom-fit ORB charging case
  • Power Efficient – Rechargeable internal battery designed to last for at least three hours of continuous activity††
  • Optical Heart Rate Monitor – OHR calculates heart rate using light to measure the changes in blood vessels
  • Built-in Memory – Sensor measurements from multiple activity sessions are stored on the device without the need for a phone
  • iOS Compatible – ORB mobile app available for Apple iOS mobile operating system (version 16 and higher)

††Per full charge; individual usage may vary

Exploded view of ORB Sport Smart Mouthguard

Charging Case

Each ORB Sport mouthguard comes with its own storage case and built-in wireless charging. Power the case via micro-USB cable (included) to wirelessly recharge the ORB Sport.

  • Protective Sleeve – Made from durable plastic to protect the ORB Sport mouthguard while allowing easy access
  • Air Vents – Allow moisture to evaporate and provide view of charging status
  • Ergonomic – Each case is custom-molded for effective retention and charging alignment
  • Power – Plug the case into an active micro-USB port
  • Wireless Charging – Once placed inside its case, the ORB Sport mouthguard is charged via hidden power coils
ORB Charging Case

ORB Mobile App

    Measure Intensity. Monitor Workload. Understand Exposure.

The ORB mobile app allows athletes to visualize performance-and-wellness data captured while wearing an ORB Sport Smart Mouthguard. Simply pair the ORB Sport device with a smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology to track available heart rate data in real time, or download and view all data when the activity session is complete.

  • Connect and sync with ORB Sport mouthguard
  • View parameters and trends following activity session
  • Stream heart rate data live
ORB Mobile App


  • Live Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Average
  • Heart Rate Maximum
  • Heart Rate Minimum
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Active Calories
  • Steps
  • Approximate Distance
  • Movement Intensity
  • Impact Location Zones
  • Impact Ranges
  • Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)


  • Heart Rate in Training vs. Competitions
  • Training Impulse (TRIMP)
  • Average Calories Burned per Session
  • Total Session Durations
  • Number of Sessions
  • Filtered Trends

More Metrics in Future Updates!


Product Compliance

ORB Sport mouthguards have undergone rigorous internal testing including forced deformation, impacts, water ingress and more. Third-party testing and validation is ongoing, to be announced soon.

  • High-Impact EVA Materials
  • Impact Testing

Data Accuracy

The accuracy of ORB Sport heart rate data has been tested to ensure favorable comparison with heart rate data from world-leading fitness trackers.

ORB Data Accuracy Graph

Material Safety

ORB Sport has been designed to be a mouthguard first and foremost. It is fabricated from ERKODENT® brand EVA plastic materials that have been certified according to EN ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure high-quality performance.

ORB Material Safety Image 1
ORB Material Safety Image 2
ORB Material Safety Image 3
ORB Material Safety Image 4


The ORB Sport Smart Mouthguard is NOT a medical diagnostic or detection tool, and should NOT be considered efficacious in identifying concussions or other traumatic head injuries.

The ORB Sport mouthguard is not recommended for individuals wearing wire braces for orthodontic adjustment.

The ORB Sport mouthguard has no age restrictions, but longevity of appliance may be limited in younger athletes due to growth-related tooth movement.

The ORB mobile app is currently available for Apple iOS devices only.

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